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‘Herd In Training’ Session With Nicole Pugson // Zwift Workout

In the current environment, I am spending a lot of time in Wattopia… #stayhome and all.
I really want to say that I find sitting on the turbo terribly boring, but I secretly love it (not a secret).

It’s incredibly efficient to get stronger in the saddle with the ability to target different fitness elements from your muscular to cardiovascular strength and endurance. I also find that splitting it all into intervals makes the time evaporate so that, before I know it, I’m done with my training and back to painting by numbers (my new, favourite iso-hobby – no word of a lie).

It’s common knowledge that when you are working out with other people you tend to be less likely to give up or drop the effort. Knowing others are being subjected to the same suffering provides that extra bit of motivation to stay on track and stick to it, dig a little deeper.

So, let’s do exactly that.

Thursday 14th May, 6:00pm BST – 7:00pm – ‘Herd in Training’ Session – Jungle Circuit

A ‘social ride’ to the extent that we will all be working at the same time, but you will be working at your required effort level and [hopefully] spurred on with the knowledge that others are in the same boat / on the same ride (that makes more sense given the sport).

Keen? Perfs. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Download the Zwift workout here and import it to your custom workouts. (If you need some help, Zwift can provide a little help with this here).
  • Follow me on Zwift – C PUGSON – so that you can ‘ride with me’ when you log in and we can start at the same point. Or you can join us in the Jungle Circuit in Watopia.
  • Add [GOAT] to the end of your Zwift username so that we can see who’s riding with the herd!
  • Show up ready to get sweaty at 6:00pm, Thursday 14th May in your favourite SG kit.
  • I will be on @stolen.goat Instagram live just before 6:00pm so we can workout together.
  • Post your best before and after selfies and tag @stolen.goat on Instagram, prizes for the best.
    (If you’re feeling shy, I will be IGTV’ing the entire workout (ni_cole_92), so you’ll be able to laugh at my uncomfortably sweaty face, this is my gift to you. You’re welcome).

Here’s some formal chat (I’ll go back to my exceptional bants in a sec, this is important). A small disclaimer that this is an informal session, not coached or run by any one person or entity and you are responsible for yourself during the hour. The set IS challenging and built on % of FTP, so work at your own effort, take on lots of water and listen to your body.

Looking forward to seeing you all on Thursday for this zwift workout, get ready to give ALL the Ride Ons, and make sure you have a beer waiting for you in the fridge as your reward (optional of course)!



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