COVID-19 – An update from our founder //

By now I have no doubt that you are fully aware of the global pandemic that is COVID-19. It’s a troubling time for many and it’s clear that life will be far from normal over the coming months.

At Stolen Goat we believe in the power of freedom through sport in general but our main concern is that you and your family stay healthy and well. The same goes for our staff, partners and suppliers. During these difficult times our thoughts go out to anyone that may be affected by the drama that is unfolding before our very eyes.

As such we will do everything within our control to keep everyone safe. Our team is already set up to work remotely and our stock is handled by an external warehouse with plenty of staff cover. So for the time being it’s very much business as usual if you are looking to purchase something. It is possible that our stock runs a little leaner than usual as suppliers manage their own supply chain issues. It’s also possible that you might not be able to get through to us via phone all of the time – however, we will always get back to you via email in a timely manner – see our contact page for more on that.

Please do your best to look after yourself and those around you. You know the advice so I won’t re-iterate that here. We are in this business for the long run and will do whatever is in our power to stay afloat and come out fighting at the other end.

Please get in touch if you have any concerns or questions at all.

Much love to you from all the team at Stolen Goat x