An Epic 100 Mile Gravel Ride For Charity

Following on from World Mental Health Day yesterday, we wanted to carry on the conversation and keep pushing for change.

One of our Sweedish ambassadors Oscar has been organising a charity ride for the past few years raising awareness and money for mental health illness. With thanks to Oscar and his friend Anders, Stolen Goat has some products for sale at this event with all money raised going to charity.

Here is what Oscar has to say:

For the fourth time this Saturday, we’re riding 100 miles of epic gravel for #CenturyCX. All in aid to raise awareness for mental illness and drastically reduce suicide in Sweden. All proceeds go to charity and @suicidezero.

The event started with an idea of showing off our great nature in #Mönsterås municipality and to gather as many friends we could. Now four years later I’m proud to see there’s a queue to participate. And all these years we have donated to Suicide Zeros important work. One of their campaigns focuses especially on boys/men:

3 boys/men take their lives every day in Sweden through suicide, and that makes it the most common cause of death for men under the age of 44 years. And that’s sadly not unique, the problem is there in almost every developed country in the world.
Through our century gravel ride, we want to help make a change, we want to raise awareness, we want to encourage talk. The best way to prevent suicide is to talk about it, especially to those who are thinking about taking their life’s but you don’t know who is feeling these feelings so we must talk to everyone. “Disturb death” or as we say in Swedish “Stör döden”.

Thank you for your attention and if you want to follow our ride this Saturday #CenturyCX or my instagram @oscarekstam

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