Freedom Is…

As we rolled quietly past our 7th birthday in July I began contemplating our journey thus far and, as I often do, I reflected on the beginnings of Stolen Goat and what it really means to be part of The Herd.

It may sound corny, but Stolen Goat was created by myself (Tim Bland) as a mechanism for freedom. Freedom to ride my bike, freedom to work with an awesome team, freedom to spend a little more time with friends & family, freedom to adventure more and ultimately freedom to create a range of products & services that inspire freedom in others.

I believe we have all become victim to the work-grow-work mindset and as a result that “work-life balance” thing that people talk about is anything but balanced. And who really wants it to be balanced anyway?? Why can’t it be unbalanced in favour of life?

Stolen Goat is, for some people, about escapism. Many of our bold designs and graphics enable cyclists & triathletes to have an alter ego whilst doing their thing. We hope that we bring colour to a grey landscape. Life is undoubtedly too short to simply blend in and conform to the masses. Freedom is being the person you want to be.

For many, Stolen Goat offers a range of products that enables freedom through sport in any weather. Finding time to ride, run, swim, or whatever, is hard enough as it is. Add changeable weather to the mix and it’s lucky we get out at all. Freedom is doing what you love no matter what mother nature throws at you.

Being comfortable whilst you run, ride, swim, whatever is paramount if you want to enjoy those moments of escapism. That Sunday morning ride can turn from idyllic to harrowing over the course of just a few miles if you’re not comfortable. Time is precious, don’t waste it on bad kit. Freedom is feeling great, not just looking great, whilst you perform.

Every product or concept we table has to pass through this filter – “how does this inspire or enable freedom?” I believe that we do a pretty damn good job of this and what really delights me is seeing people experience this “in the wild”. Whilst I hope Stolen Goat lasts forever, I realistically understand that most companies come and go. We’re certainly not done yet (things are just starting to get interesting) but if the only thing we achieve is that more people find a little more freedom in life then our mission is complete.

On a side note, our inbox is full of customers and fans showing us pictures of them using the products and we flipping love this. So much so that we have set up a dedicated, separate Instagram feed ( as a place for the Herd to be eternally worshipped. If you want to be featured then simply tag us or drop us an email with your pictures. You can also follow our main Instagram account here.

Life is short //

It’s a cliche that’s all too often used fleetingly but it’s true, life really is short. And without being overly sombre about it, nobody gets to their last few minutes on this planet wishing they had spent more time staring at screens.

Freedom is living the life that you want to live, freedom is sharing experiences with like-minded people, freedom is sticking it to the man and doing what you want to do, freedom is riding your bike, freedom is sneaking out for a lunchtime run in between meetings, freedom is hitting the lake before anyone gets there…

Freedom is Stolen Goat.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart for sharing in this journey. Whether you’re a customer already or not, by following our posts you are already an honorary member of The Herd. This makes you, by definition: An innovator (someone that follows a movement before it goes mainstream), someone interested in adding a little more freedom to your life and (I would hazard a guess) someone that is kind to others.

Welcome to the Herd, here’s to another 7 years of freedom.