martine hoaas our newest brand ambassador 2019

Martine Hoaas – Stolen Goat’s latest Brand Ambassador

Hi peeps!

I’m Martine Hoaas, the crazy triathlete from the North Pole (aka north of Norway) who pretty much wants everything in pink. We all know that pink goes faster, right?

Who am I?

I’ve always been an active girl, chasing my three older brothers through childhood. Just love to go for adventures and challenge myself. I never found just ONE thing I wanted to do, I pretty much went for everything. Before I found triathlon, or before triathlon found me I was doing a lot of different activities like playing handball, surfing, skiing, kiting climbing, skateboarding, lifting weights etc. I never said no to a new challenge and was always up for some fun, still am. Probably why I fell in love with triathlon: You get three sports in one, doesn’t get better than that! All three sports are so demanding and you have to be really versatile as a triathlete. Never get tired of this sport, the longer the better. Triathlon is just pure happiness to me.

If I’m not out training I’m probably eating, in fact, I’m pretty much always eating. Just gotta make sure that hangry Hoaas doesn’t reveal herself, plus I do love food a LOOOOT. Besides being a food lover and a triathlete I’m pretty stoked about animals and food parties that include good company.

What brought me to triathlon?

My triathlon adventure started in 2013 when one of my brothers got a slot for Norseman. I had never heard about the sport until he asked me to be part of his support crew during the race. After Watching him and the other athletes doing this extreme race I was hooked and wondered if I was able to do the same thing. Fall 2013 I started running, cycling and swimming. Summer 2014 I participated in my first triathlon and I was in love! I knew there was no way out, this was what I was supposed to do.

This year -2019 is my first as a PRO and I’m really looking forward to a fun and educational year. Dreams do come true when you keep going and never stop believing magic is happening.

Feel free to follow my journey on Instagram: @martinehoaas

Stay pink and have fun!

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