A Cycle Clothing Collection For Kids By Stolen Goat

children's cycle clothing

Children’s Cycle Clothing – Mini Goats… we’ve got you covered!

It’s a little-known fact: the offspring of Stolen Goat’s office herd is large enough in number to make up a Tour de France team. Plus a mechanic. The only thing is, they aren’t yet big enough. They sometimes act as though they are fast enough. They are definitely brave enough.

In the spirit of enabling the next generation to enjoy the wonderful freedom of cycling, Stolen Goat has launched our first children’s cycling clothes collection. Made to exactly the same quality as our adult clothing, in the same factory and with the same technology, they will maximise your child’s enjoyment and sense of adventure with their fun graphics and comfortable fit. Pockets for ‘fruit’, a zip garage so that the zip doesn’t rub on their neck when fully done up, and playful graphics mean that they function as well as they feel and look.

Stolen Goat children’s cycle clothing inspires adventure and moves and flex’s freely to keep up with typical and non-typical kids antics.

Encouraging the next generation to discover cycling just got a little easier!