the herd friday novembers winner

The Herd Friday

A month ago we announced 3 winners for our first ever ‘The Herd Friday’ competition. Today we are announcing November’s winner! If you haven’t seen the previous blog click here, but to recap – The Herd Friday is a day in which we share the fellow herds’ photos. We love seeing you guys out in our kit – adventuring. So… we have decided to share the love and devote a day to sharing these photos. We need you to #stolengoat or @stolen.goat (on Instagram) so we can continue sharing… also this is the only way to enter the monthly competition, so get tagging!

We’ve been tagged in so many great photos this month (thank you), it’s been hard to choose a winner but alas, we have decided on one.

CONGRATULATIONS @mattsquire75 you are November’s ‘The Herd Friday’ winner.

Yes, the photo captures the moment before the inevitable ‘splat’ as you hit the ground but the location looks great, an awesome place to adventure I imagine? And great choice of jacket! The Quint jacket looks amazing out in the wild! Lastly but more importantly, we hope you’re ok!?

Matt you have won a £50 SG voucher!

Happy Cycling all! Remember to tag us in your photos!

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