The Herd Friday

A few weeks ago on Instagram, we started something called ‘The Herd Friday’ which is basically a day of the week we dedicated to you, our fellow goats.

We love seeing photos of you in our kit, always have always will and as some of you long-time goat fans will know, your photos may even end up on our office wall. It’s delightful coming into the office and seeing goats from across the world on our wall. A great motivational piece and something we’d love to share with you!

What is ‘The Herd Friday’

As the title suggests ‘The Herd Friday’ happens on a Friday…. ‘The Herd’ is a clever play on words meaning a couple of things. The first, we all know – a large group of goats…. and the second being ‘heard’ meaning we hear you/ we see your posts etc….

The plan is to share your photos via our Instagram story for everyone to see. In order for this to happen, we need you to tag – #stolengoat or @stolen.goat in your photos. A lot of you already do this (thank you and keep up the great work) but the more photos we can get, the more we can show you!

As an incentive, every month we will choose a couple of the best photos and they will win some SG goodies….. maybe a jacket, some jerseys, accessories or some vouchers….. you never know, we’ll alternate prizes each month. Plus…. those monthly winning photos will be automatically added to the final selection we choose from at the end of the year to feature on our office wall. So get tagging!

There’s not really a winning formula for the photos we select but it can’t hurt to have a clear photo, or a nice background, or something comical, or even a real goat in there too. Have a look below at this month’s winning photos. Congratulations to this month’s winners you have won a Bodyline jersey each!

This month’s Winning photos are:


A stunning photo, beautifully composed… just look at that background.


A Usain Bolt pose or a Dab?… you decide but we love it! Fun and super cool!


So much epicness in one photo!

Thank you for reading and make sure you tag us!




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