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Strava Art x Stolen Goat? Thibaut Pinot, Tour de France stage winner, draws a Goat during his 208km “warm-up” ride.

Love it or hate it, eventually, everybody takes a quick look at Strava. If you fall in the latter camp, it’s possibly when you see that somebody has ridden a route that when uploaded to Strava looks like a weird animal, piece of your anatomy, spells something odd and is subsequently flagged by the press / Strava PR team. This is commonly known as “Strava Art” and now even the World’s top professional riders have started participating.

Step forward Thibaut Pinot: French superstar who goes up mountains like the proverbial rat up a drainpipe. On one of his last training rides before travelling to Austria, he has gone to some considerable effort to draw a Goat in the Venton Massif mountain range near his French home.

At Stolen Goat, we salute his sense of humour and fun: here is a genuine star of world cycling going to some considerable effort to trace a goat on a 208km ride at an average speed of 34.6km/h with 4000m of climbing on his “morning ride”. We think his goat is wonderful, although it has caused some debate amongst Strava commentators: some have suggested it is a cat, others a two-humped camel, and one plucky New Zealander has dared to call it a “hunchback sheep”. What do you think? Has Thibaut Pinot joined the herd?

If you’ve done some ‘Strava Art’ of your own, we’d love to see it!

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