david law a quick overview

As one of the longest-running heatwaves in memory slowly starts to draw to a close, it’s time for an update from a recent addition to the herd, the official Stolen Goat product manager, a.k.a The Claw, or me, David Law. As the size of the herd increases annually, my role is to make sure the right new products see the light of day, helping all nimble goats to adventure more. This is our ethos and creative driving force.

As everybody who is subscribed to the Stolen Goat newsletter might have seen, the Autumn/Winter 2018 (AW18) apparel is coming soon and in excitement, we released a couple of jerseys from the new range exclusively to this group. The full AW18 collection will shortly be available on our website, but as they say, early bird goat catches the worm – one more reason to sign up. Click here if you’d like to subscribe. The collection itself will be available publicly on the website in a week or so’s time. The innovative and original designs are testament to the never-ending imagination of our hard-working graphic designer, Trevor, who (possibly) dreams in technicolour. Always married to industry-leading textiles and functionally outstanding products, so that all our products are not just a pretty face, figuratively speaking.

Moving onto recently launched products: the last couple of months have seen several new additions to our range of accessories. There is a broad consensus on hydration: it’s essential to life. Thus the heatwave has given birth to the first Stolen Goat water bottles. We have partnered with industry leader Tacx (whose bottles are used by virtually every professional cycling team in the world) to create some fun, functional and funky designs that will brighten up any bike. A quick and easy way to add a splash of colour to your pride and joy.

On the same topic but moving away from the life-sustaining necessity of water, we move into the optional pleasure category of coffee. Arguably more optional for some than others. Whatever your view, our new thermos flasks and thermos mugs are made from beautiful bamboo and will keep your coffee hot from creation to evening commute. They also answer a very pressing need for all of us to use less disposable coffee cups. A perfect gift to self or better half, and a wonderfully original construction.

So what to put in your Stolen Goat thermos flask? Stolen Goat coffee of course. A recent trip to tiny start-up coffee producer in the Surrey Hills, Chimney Fire, saw our own unique blend being put into production. Chimney Fire share our ethos: local, passionate about their product and process, and incredibly friendly, decent human beings. Just don’t let us consume the whole production in the office. If you haven’t already, read about our coffee tasting experience here.

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Finally, just in time for everybody to down tools and hit the summer holidays hard, we released the wildest beach towels ever. We started with four designs and plenty of stock but within the first week, we needed to re-stock. All back in stock and one more design added to the mix! Nothing is closer to our hearts than downtime and our microfiber beach towels allow everybody to lounge in style. Also, there is nothing as annoying as emerging from the cooling salt water 200 meters further down the beach than you entered it, and not recognizing where you parked the picnic. No such problem with our eye-catching designs. Finally, because you really will have too much fun on your holiday, and some of it will come from a vessel that isn’t a thermos coffee flask, we’ve made our towels in gym size format as well. Because although we love the great outdoors, sometimes we all hit the gym as well.

So – the summer season has seen a focus on hydration and relaxation products being introduced for the first time, because they are an essential part of most cyclist’s existence. And because it’s been damn, damn hot.

David Law