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So, the year is over halfway through and I felt the urge to cycle some new roads and #adventuremore. An itch needed scratching! My cycling homie Laurence and I decided to jump ship, well ferry in this case and headed to Ireland.

The Start Of The Adventure

We had a super early start and a long cycle to the ferry terminal, commuting there was more of a laugh than you could ever imagine! The sheer excitement of venturing on new roads and visiting new places! Once we arrived, we quickly boarded the ferry and strapped our bikes to the most awful looking bike rack you have ever seen! We could do nothing other than laugh, nothing was going to dull the adventure.

But once aboard everything went in our favour, we both knew it was going to be a good one as we looked out over to Liverpool ready to set sail.

Once over in Ireland, we were well and truly ready to start cycling, chomping at the bit. Get us off this ferry! 15 miles from home, cruising at a decent pace, we had an urge, an urge to reach deep and sprint home into the setting sun. The sky was stunning, I think most would agree, this is THE perfect start to any trip!

First Full Day

For those who don’t live in Ireland and haven’t had the privilege of riding the Wild Atlantic way in the Donegal area, make sure you get over there and see it for yourself. Words cannot describe!

We headed out towards the famous Mamore Gap climb and this did NOT fail to amaze me!

Once I’d got the feeling back in my legs, we continued, a new PR on my descent speed whilst feeling in control and having so much fun, we wanted to venture different roads. We spontaneously turned off and we came across some real treats.

The roads were epic the scenery was epic the company was epic! What a great first day! We ended day 1 with a well-deserved beer and a walk to stretch our legs.

Day 2

The route for day 2 was to the famous location called Dark Hedges if you watch Game of Thrones you might recognise it. What a location!

With a ferry crossing heading past the Giant’s Causeway, we found some new roads, they were different though, fast-paced and flat, time to tuck in and pedal hard! Was it worth it? Yes, it really was!

The ride back to the ferry was enlightening, pardon the pun, we stopped off in a small village only to witness the single largest bonfire being built. Easily standing 20ft high and getting taller!

A short time to relax on the ferry before the push back home ending a stunning second day of our adventure.

Day 3

Today we were heading out to the Banba’s Crown! The most northerly point in Ireland. With a decent amount of climbing (something we enjoy) and a decent mileage, we were pumped. The weather was to die for, it got into the high 20’s with clear blue skies. It was a great time to be adventuring…. and the coffee stop was heaven. On that note, have you tried stolen goat’s coffee??? See here for the collection, thermos too!

This trip could not have been any more perfect, with the weather on our side, quiet and endless miles of road and great places to see, I would fully recommend it to anyone! Ireland you were amazing! We’ll be back!

Finally, a massive thank you to my mother for putting up with us and keeping us fuelled and ready to ride every day.

Over and out #adventuremore

Luke Taylor