Feels like Summer has been and gone with the recent downpours we’ve experienced. However, It doesn’t look like it’s stopped the Herd from getting out on the bikes though. Thank you for tagging us in your photos on Instagram, It’s great to see you all. If you haven’t already followed us, make sure you do – plenty of daily content to be seen!

This month a wide variety of products have flown out the door and it looks like everyone is making good use of our accessories deal –  ** Buy any 4 accessories and get £10 off ** – Bandidos, caps, gloves and socks. It’s a great way to save especially if you’re going to buy those items over the course of the year anyway, you might as well buy it all at once and save! ;-)


  • A lot of our Men’s and Women’s SS18 and Orkaan jerseys are very low on stock and soon, to completely sell out. If you want it, now’s the time to get it because once they’re gone, they’re gone! We get many emails asking if we can re-make particular jerseys that have sold out, please don’t leave it too late, we don’t want to disappoint you!
  • If you are subscribed to our newsletter you will know we launched a towel collection last week! 8 towels in total, 4 different designs and 2 different sizes. Find out more here. If you’re not subscribed to our newsletter, you’re missing out! Subscribe here.

july's best sellers



No surprise here, Harris is our best selling jersey again for another month. Classic styling and modern technology makes for a winning combo.
** Low on stock! **



If you didn’t already know, we do towels! Released to our newsletter subscribers first (until now), our towels have sold like mad have you got yours? Mashup has been our best seller so far. See the full collection here!.



Our best selling Womens jersey naturally makes it to the best sellers list again for another month. ** Low on stock! **



For the second month in a row Champion blue has made it on the list. This jersey is stunning in the sun!


If you’re after a subtle looking jersey with a hint of colour our Solo design is for you! Available in Blue, Green, Pink, Red and Purple (one of our best selling jerseys this month).



Be Bold, Be Different…. Echelon is certainly ‘out there’ in terms of looks. It’s been a great seller this month and it’s extremely low on stock!!


The solo blue socks are our best selling sock this month. A simple yet stylish design available in Green, Red, and Pink as well.



We love this design and so do you too, it’s featured on the best selling list two months in a row! Destroy the #sockdoping game!



Launched a couple of weeks ago and loved by many it seems. We should have started selling coffee sooner! TWO different flavours, which is your favourite?



Launched a couple of weeks ago and loved by many it seems. We should have started selling coffee sooner! TWO different flavours, which is your favourite?



It looks like the herd can’t get enough of the ‘Subtle’ design. This was our best selling cap this month!



A striking design that definitely stands out, our Matrix glove is our best selling glove this month.



Yes, the Samurai jersey is here again, it’s probably appeared on most if not all of the best selling lists since it’s launch. Easy to see why, a work of art! ** Low on stock!! **


Only 16 left!!!! It’s been a popular design (we have gloves in this design too) but yes, only 16 jerseys in various sizes left. Make sure you don’t miss out!



The Infinity jersey was slow of the mark but has really picked up in the last couple of months. So much so we only have 12 in various sizes left. Effortlessly stylish, this jersey is a must-have! Get one before they’re all gone!


Epic by name, Epic by nature. Our Epic shorts are our most technical short yet, designed for the racers. This short offers a tight, compression fit, aero advantages and seamless leg grippers which makes for a winning combo! Available for men and women.