You asked…. We listened…. They’re here….

We’re proud to introduce our first ever Tri suit collection for Spring/Summer 2018.

It has been a long time coming but our Tri suits are here and selling quickly (thank you all). When it comes to releasing new products we’re always super excited to see the reaction from the ‘herd’. As you know, our mission is to provide you with the best kit, with the best designs at the best price and encourage #adventuremore. So when we see such positive reactions towards our new collections it fills us with joy!

As a fast-growing company, we’re always on the hunt for new products/expanding our current collections. SS18 (launched in Feb) saw the release of our first Speed Suit collection, so naturally, we felt it was the right time to offer our tri suits as well.

Eight designs in total, four Men’s and four Women’s designs, have you seen them??

Men's Tri Suits //

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Women's Tri Suits //

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About Our Tri Suits

Why buy a suit from us?

Apart from the awesome designs of course… It’s all about performance!

Tri suits should be the pinnacle of performance race garments, well, that’s what SG thinks! Tri suits are complex, they must perform well in not only one but three sporting disciplines. For this reason, we use the award-winning, tried and tested Bioracer triathlon suits. Bioracer triathlon suits are well-known throughout the world and extremely sought after!


Because the performance is second to none! The only downside…. the suits are hard to come by and only available to purchase through certain clubs or race teams….. until now!
We’ve been working with Bioracer to bring you the best tri suits on the market, meaning you can focus less on the kit and more on your performance.

What makes this the ultimate race suit?

To start off with, we have a men’s and women’s specific suit. The differences…. pad and suit shape. Bioracer triathlon suits have had endless amounts of time and money invested into developing them. The Bioracer Research and Development department has worked with teams of both pro and semi-pro athletes to develop the fastest suit out there. Every little detail has been thought about and designed with two things in mind – maximum speed and maximum comfort.

Suit Features

The most important feature is the fit. Ultimately, if the fit isn’t perfect you’re not going to get on with it. To provide you with the best fit, our suits are made from a 4-way stretch material which stretches up and down and side to side to perfectly match your body shape. Many suits and performance garments out there don’t have this but it’s crucial to a great fitting and performing garment. As a result of the 4-way stretch, the suit boasts a tight, compressive, yet non-restrictive fit which hugs the body like a second skin, giving significant aero advantages.

  • The suit body is made from a material called ‘Aquaracer’ which is a multidimensionally elastic fabric that stretches in every direction. This provides maximum freedom of movement whilst fitting tight to the body.
  • UV protection factor 50 which makes it an ideal summer triathlon fabric
  • High resistance to chlorine
  • Maximum breathability yet allows water and air to slide off without penetrating the fibres – This is due to hydrophilic treatment inside and a water repellent treatment on the outside
  • Hydro and aerodynamic advantages have been demonstrated during many tests and races. We know it works!
  • Airstripe half-length sleeves provide optimal aerodynamics during the cycling leg – saving you 8-10W (the equivalent of a disc wheel)
  • Lightweight
  • Thin
  • Fast drying
  • 2-way breathable
  • Men’s and Women’s specific suits
  • 4 sizes for men and 4 sizes for women
  • YKK front zip
  • Rear stash pocket
  • Specific tri pad which utilizes dimple technology to offer fast drying and anti-friction properties, compact and fully perforated – excellent for running
  • Women’s suits have a secondary fabric layer on the front panel

What are you waiting for?….