luke taylor season change

Defeating Winter

As we all know, Winter SUCKS! Getting through it is the hard part and all we do is look to Summer and hope that all our Winter training will have paid off. From using all of the various training platforms that are out there, to trying different riding genres, to braving the conditions outside, the struggle is real….

This Winter was even harder for me with a second bout of knee surgery, layup for two months with minimal training. Who wants to get out there in December with minimal light and sub-zero wet and cold conditions…. certainly not me but I had set myself a goal, so out I went…..

Night after night hitting up the training plan, suffer fest is my choice of platform but there is only so much computer screen one can take….


Battling the conditions is something I started to use as a training tool. Wind became my resistance training with crosswinds helping my core, rain became my focus training making sure I didn’t take my eye off the ball, cold became my speed training – head out for speed and getting home in time not freeze.

Whether it actually worked or not is one thing, but mentally it did for me. Unfortunately, not all ideas went to plan when out on the bike – getting caught out in gale force winds or hail that felt like you were being shot with a BB gun a million times, we could do nothing other than laugh.

Doing the pain train with the guys from RCC (Runcorn Cycling Club) taught me a lot about better usage of power and energy. I cannot thank them enough for the ongoing advice, torture and banter, this is something else that helps get through the dark months.

As we waved goodbye to Winter and prepared for Spring/Summer I got the best news… I was going to join the herd at Stolen goat, as an Ambassador! This was the push that got me through the last part of Winter and set for the new season. I’ve put all my plans into motion and have some epic races, adventures and stories lined up for you. By the way, I’m still blown by the news of becoming an SG ambassador, what an honour.

 Spring has Sprung

With a slow start to Spring, the good weather hit us like a wall, just in time for the TOUR DE YORKSHIRE. We headed out to watch the peloton fly by and what an atmosphere it was! Even just cycling to the top of one of the climbs. Streams of bunting across the streets and spectators ringing cowbells cheering you on was just an amazing feeling but to see the peloton as well, was just great! This day was certainly up there and it’s just more fuel to the fire as I become even more excited for what the rest of the year brings.

So let the good times roll and get out there and have some amazing adventures!