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A Life In Transit – London to Milan

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As we sit in the sunny Piazza del Duomo in Milan, the first day of our adventure in Britain (London to Newhaven ferry port) seems like a distant rainy, gloomy and (let’s be honest) very difficult memory.

Since leaving London a month ago, we’ve rolled on each day to numerous destinations, each with completely different landscapes, shapes, smells, sounds and of course people. Our bikes have fast become our mobile home, studio, kitchen, office and just about anything else they need to be.

It’s a lifestyle that we’ve had to adapt to quickly, for any attempt at putting down roots – albeit briefly – are quickly left behind in our tyre tracks.

We’ve spent the majority of the last month in France – an expansive and yet sometimes seemingly abandoned backdrop. From the North to the lush Loire Valley, from the rolling Rhone Alpes, which gave us that first Alpine scent in the nostrils all the way to the faded seaside glamour of the French Riviera…  and that’s before we even reached Italy for a crash course in La Dolce Vita.

Cycling these beautiful parts of the world is not without its challenges but the rewards are of course spectacular. Each day that passes is like a PT session for your legs. The first revolutions made us feel like novices on our own bikes especially with 40kg of baggage loaded on top – but as the legs get stronger, the distances get longer and the climbs, although slow progress, become a chance to slip into a meditative state.

We found a home away from home in Nice and an opportunity to delve into a vibrant music scene for the first time since being away from London. Penning new material with a very talented young musician that we stayed with set against the dirty glamour of the French Mediterranean has certainly been a highlight for both of us.

We have to mention the amazing people that we have stayed with so far, whose kindness, generosity and openness has been amazing.  A special mention must go out to the ‘Warm Showers’ website. This incredible network of cyclists around the world has given us (as well as countless other globetrotting cyclists) shelter for the night, incredible food, company and a few glasses of the local wine or Cognac.

For us, bigger challenges and adventures await us as we head east through Europe and eventually hit Asia. We can’t for the next chapter of this amazing journey! Keep checking back here for updates, for now, enjoy our photos of the journey so far!

Adam and Tim.