two musicians journey london tokyo

They say that music makes the world go round. Music you’ve never heard, music you might never hear… the world is full of both – throw in two musicians, two bikes and a year-long expedition from the UK to Japan and you’ve got Total Bike Forever.

We’re Adam and Tim, one half of London indie band Bear Muda, and we’re about to begin a musical adventure across the world on two wheels.   

Japan is a country neither of us has visited before, and after harbouring a burgeoning desire to spend as much time as possible there for a number of years, we decided to take the plunge, leave our jobs, families, friends and electric guitars to cycle the whole way there from London and make music along the way. Both music obsessed, we believe that the musicians and people we meet on the road will give us the basis of an incredible musical travelogue. We hope you’ll follow us on our adventure!

En route, we will create an original album with people we meet from Turkey to Taiwan – one album, one incredible year.

We’ll be writing this album with unearthed musical gems we hope to find as we cruise the world on our bikes. We’ll then release the album when we eventually get back to the UK as well a feature-length documentary with every step of this journey captured on film.

As I’m sure you can tell, music is at the very heart of our adventure and we’ll be taking bike friendly electronic instruments and recording equipment on the road with us with the hope of turning our tent and people’s homes en route into a mobile studio after a long days cycling.

Personally, I’ve been living down in Pembrokeshire for the last few months and had the chance to put our Stolen Goat gear to the test before we depart. The Climb and Conquer jacket has treated me very well in the wind and the rain along the coastal roads. I’m loving the Orkaan weatherproof bib shorts and leg warmers, I’m looking forward to getting all the kit out there in the wilds of the world… As well as the weather warming up and getting the summer jerseys out again!

We’ll be writing monthly blogs here for Stolen Goat so you can follow our adventures as well as keeping our Instagram, Facebook and YouTube pages well stocked with new content. You’ll also be able to track our journey day by day at This site will plot our location and the content we’re creating in real-time….

Thank You

Adam & Tim