staff favourites

Our SS18 collection was launched around this time last month. It’s too early to see which will be our best sellers for the season, it’s still very close. The Samurai jersey is leading for the men’s jerseys and Hypervelocity for the Women’s. Below is our very own – Staff Favourites….. Which are your faves?


1. Prism speed suit. Naturally. Why? Because it’s bold, geometric and in your face, and I figure if you’re going to wear a speed suit you shouldn’t be a wallflower.

2. Side B – just reminds me of my youth, staying up all night to tape my favourite songs off John Peel sessions and the bright colours just have a vibrant happy feel to them.


1. Blumo Cycling Jersey – The Black and Blue has a subtle professional look to it, I like the contrast between the pure, dark Black and the saturation of the Blue makes this jersey pop but in a really subtle way.

2. Destroy Cycling Jersey – Very fashionable in a pure, intricate, Monochrome, 3 dimensional way. It will go great with any colour Bodyline shorts!


1. Croquet – Can’t beat a floral design…. especially when it has Flamingos too! This jersey fuels my obsession with floral print – I have a collection of vintage shirts and many of them, floral.

2. Sandinista – Black and Orange is a great combo but add some retro-inspired stripes to it, not much can beat it. So simple and understated but still makes an impact.


1. Epic Bibshorts – because I love how the fabric keeps the shorts in place rather than using gripper or elastic. This compliments the sleeves on our Bodyline jerseys perfectly.

2. My favourite jersey from this season is the Core Green. The colour just pops and works well for both men and women. Stylish and yet bright, a winning combo.


1. Subtle – it was a design challenge to myself,  to come up with something completely different to the norm.

2. Harris – A nod to the great Reg Harris’ kit. I really liked the width of the banding, and I’m a total sucker for retro stripes.