snow day

Snow Day

1st day of spring brought with it Storm Emma – total nightmare! Races were cancelled, best-laid plans came to an abrupt halt.

N+1 on the bike front – I dusted off the Fatbike and took the ‘Fatboy’ out. I’m told that fatbikes are designed to be ridden in the snow – but living on the south coast I honestly thought I would never be riding through deep snow!!

A speedy learning curve had me on me on my rear a fair few times within the first half hour :

  • Touch down in deep snow = falling off
  • Low gear & accent = falling off
  • Riding across a torrent of icy water = falling off
  • Fresh snow can conceal a deep crevice = falling off

But still hours in the saddle is what winter miles are all about. Fresh from my coaches lips, ‘Winter miles = Summer smiles’…. And a week in Mallorca is within touching distance. Let’s hope my bruises have gone before I have to don a bikini!!

Stretching out

With training plans taking a bit of a curveball, now is the ideal time to get some Strength and Conditioning & Stretching done. Flexibility is key for an aggressive riding position – this can transfer across to all riding disciplines – Road, Crit, Triathlon etc.

Glutes, Hamstrings and Hips are the main areas us athletes need to spend time working on. I have listed a few stretches below you can easily give a go!

Crow Prep / Frog position

Feet slightly wider than your hips, keep both feet anchored into the floor – especially your heels. Bend at the knees bringing your butt down towards the floor. Arms inside your knees, palms together – Use a chair to help lower your body down + up if you need too for support.

This stretch works your Hip flexors, Quads, Glutes & Hamstrings. Start at 30 seconds working up to 2 minutes.

This position is also vital to practice for those emergency bush stops….oh and on that topic have you seen the NEW Womens Stolen Goat EPIC bib shorts??? They have a rear zipper for that very reason!!

Reclined Pigeon (ps you don’t look like a pigeon)

Laying on your back, bend both knees, feet flat on the floor and bring in towards your tailbone. One leg at a time, place right foot on left thigh. Reach right hand through middle, interlock with the left hand and gently draw back towards your chest. To get a deeper stretch push left foot flat on a wall or get someone to push against it. Right knee should push outwards to increase hip opener. Swap sides.

This works your Lower back, glutes and hip flexors. Hold for up to 2 minutes on each side.

Hip Flexor Beauty

My good pal is a physio, and when she’s not sticking acupuncture needles in me, shes moaning at me that my hip flexors are as tight as a tight thing…. Have a go at this little beauty… can be done while still in bike shoes haha!!

Rectus Femoris is a 2 joint muscle so you need to ‘push your hips’ and ‘flex your knee’

Standing on left leg, bend right leg behind you and place foot onto a windowsill…. Or chair…or wall…. Gently push your hips forward while keeping knee flexed back. Be gentle getting into this stretch – slightly bending your standing leg. Hold for 2 mins and swap sides.

Standing Windmill

Standing feet together bend your right knee, reach right hand down towards the floor (don’t snap a hamstring!) right fingertips between your ankles. Left arm straight up towards the sky, turn your head to follow looking upwards. Repeat both sides x5 each time you can ‘windmill’ a little deeper.

This stretches hamstrings, glutes & works on flexibility in your lower back & shoulders

Spring in your step

Keep your mojo going in this grim patch of weather…. Warm weather camps have begun, sunshine is incoming!!  The new SG spring collection has been launched in Mallorca this month – so have a look at some of the truly awesome designs that will get you looking ‘on point’ in the sunshine!! I will be riding & training in Mallorca at the end of March – if any of you would like some smiles to go with your miles let me know! Follow me on IG Thejonesie79  and keep me tagged in your winter training!! Remember Winter miles = Summer smiles!!

The Jonesie