luke taylor

Hey guys!!!

Well to start off with, I am Luke Taylor, 33 years old from Ellesmere port in Cheshire and I will have been road cycling for two years on my 34th birthday this June. So I guess you could say I am still a newbie to road cycling, but when it comes to riding bikes, I have nearly a lifetime of experiences and adventures.

Bikes have taken me to places that I never thought I would have visited, and I have made so many friends along the way. I have been riding BMX for 18 years and this has taken me up and down the UK, over to France and moving out to the USA for 5 months helping kids in a summer camp called WOODWARD. I have a great sense of pride knowing that some of the kids I have helped have become pro riders. With endless skateparks to choose from no matter what your discipline, there is always somewhere to ride no matter the weather.


After a couple of bad crashes – requiring surgery a few times, then one more in 2016 that needed tidying up again, I needed a recovery method!!! Physio before surgery in 2017 and this was the wakeup call. So it was a no-brainer to get a road bike, I bought a GT sportive and started clocking up the miles. Coming from a BMX background where clothes are baggy/ t-shirts a size or two bigger than your size, I never thought I’d wear lycra. The miles racked up, sore ass started and the annoying flapping t-shirts happened. THINGS NEEDED TO CHANGE! The bug had started to bite…

I entered my first sportive – tour de mon in Anglesey, head to toe in full cycling kit. Looking at myself thinking this is quite the change! But spurred on by a friend It was such a good feeling making the change. I was now comfortable and faster…. gains! This is where the sense of adventure started with road bikes.

I’m blessed by having North Wales on my doorstep, a quick ride out and it’s hills on hills that will leave you breathless…..literally and upon arrival to the top…. totally speechless because of the view. North Wales is one of my favorite locations to ride, you can stumble upon the best roads, each an every time you go out, you find a route you’ve never ridden before. I am not one to shy away from a challenge or an adventure feel free to point me in its direction!


Since starting riding I have met some awesome people along the way, some, more eccentric than others but all had a great story behind them. From my best friend joining in on the fun to meeting a good friend who rides by my side most adventures, pushing each other for more, whether it be on a climb or training, making bets with each other. It’s these little things that make getting out on your bike worthwhile. Don’t think I could give that up for anything.


Currently have 4 bikes!

Haro SD-V2 custom build (BMX)

Trusty GT sportive full-time turbo bike

Winter bike is a 2016 Specialized tarmac full Ultegra with Fulcrum wheels

Summer bike is a 2018 canyon aero road full Dura-ace with Mavic cosmic wheels


Heading over to Ireland to ride the top section of the WILD ATLANTIC WAY.

TT events through the local club.

Also doing some of the closed road velos – Birmingham, Cardiff, and a number of sportives. If you see me, come say hello!

And whatever the stolen goat crew have lined up?