jamie baigent a new goat joins the herd

Jamie is new to the team, young and eager to learn, he has a strong passion for helping others and making sure everyone is happy. This is one of the many reasons we chose him and also why he’ll be looking after the customer service side of the business. Here’s a little about Jamie:

My qualities – Trustworthy, courageous, generous and happy.

What makes me tick – I love gaming in every format possible, from computer to board games, puzzle and combat being my favourite. I have multiple hobby interests such as cycling, swimming, gaming, photography, reading and rowing. I used to love every sports day during school because even though I’m not that competitive I still had the self-drive to come first, and almost every time, I did finish first or second. I love photography, I mainly shoot with my DSLR but I do have several film cameras. I might even be lucky enough to join Rob on SG photoshoots in the future, keep an eye out.
During college, I worked in retail. I quickly saw that customer service is everything to a business and keeping the customer happy is the number one priority. I’ve seen some good and not so good customer service in my previous job and for a business to flourish properly, you need to have the best customer relations. Stolen Goat take pride in looking after their customers and I’m ecstatic they chose me to carry that on for them. Customer service is very important to me as I love to make everyone’s day and help people to the best of my abilities. If you have an SG query, give me a shout.

My Favourite SG jerseys

1. Stolen Goat Men’s Limited Edition – Blumo Cycling Jersey – The Black and Blue has a subtle professional look to it, I like the contrast between the pure, dark Black and the saturation of the Blue makes this jersey pop but in a really subtle way.
2. Stolen Goat Men’s Limited Edition – Destroy Cycling Jersey – Very fashionable in a pure, intricate, Monochrome, 3 dimensional way. It will go great with any colour bodyline shorts!

Thank you for reading!