New Year New You – A term easier said than done, for some of us it may last a few weeks, for others, longer…. but ultimately we end up going back to our old ways because it’s what we know! Here’s some pointers on pushing on through…

Brush The Dust Off The Bike

Now is the perfect time to get your bike serviced. Bike shops are quieter at this time of year, so pop in, say hello and get your bike ready for an exciting year ahead! Bikes are so easy to neglect but no one wants to be hurtling down a fast descent and find that their spokes go or that you can’t stop because your brake pads are worn. It’s imperative you’re on top of maintenance, for your safety and others. Visit your local bike shop, they’ll be happy to see you. Safety aside, nothing is more motivating than giving your trusty steed a new lease of life.

Get Kit Doping

Right, so the bike is ready to go….. are you?

Currently, the weather in the UK is poor, it’s windy, raining and cold, not the most motivating weather. But as they say in Norway – there’s no such thing as bad weather – just bad clothing. Get yourself decked out in appropriate garments and you’ll be relishing the weather.

So…… what kit do I need for this time of year?

Climb & Conquer // Jackets & Tights // Our Winter collection // Designed for temperatures below 8 degrees, heavy rain, high winds and generally miserable days.

Orkaan // Short & Long Sleeve Jerseys, Shorts, Arm & Leg Warmers // Our Autumn – Spring collection // Designed for temperatures between 6 – 16°c, light on-off showers, light wind, typical bitter Autumn Spring days.

[ux_hotspot text=”Orkaan Everyday SS Jersey” link=”” bg_color=”#8AC73E” position_x=”55″ position_y=”25″]

[ux_hotspot text=”Orkaan Arm Warmers – Kuro Black” link=”” bg_color=”rgb(138, 199, 62)” position_x=”60″ position_y=”35″]

[ux_hotspot text=”Orkaan Bib Shorts” link=”” bg_color=”rgb(138, 199, 62)” position_x=”55″ position_y=”55″]

[ux_hotspot text=”Orkaan Leg Warmers – Morse Black” link=”” bg_color=”#8AC73E” position_x=”60″ position_y=”75″]

[ux_hotspot text=”Kuro Merino Wool Socks” link=”” bg_color=”#8AC73E” position_x=”60″ position_y=”95″]

Today, for example, it’s mild (9°c), light drizzles here and there and light wind. I would go out in an Orkaan jersey with Orkaan shorts and leg warmers plus our Merino Wool socks. For those that feel the cold on their legs, you may prefer wearing the Climb & Conquer tights instead. Click the Green spots to take you to the products ;-)

[ux_hotspot text=”Climb & Conquer Jackets” link=”” bg_color=”#8AC73E” position_x=”55″ position_y=”35″]

[ux_hotspot text=”Climb & Conquer Tights” link=”” bg_color=”#8AC73E” position_x=”50″ position_y=”60″]

[ux_hotspot text=”Kuro Merino Wool Socks” link=”” bg_color=”rgb(138, 199, 62)” position_x=”60″ position_y=”70″]

Yesterday, however, was cold (4°c), heavy on/ off rain and light wind. I was wearing a Climb & Conquer jacket and tights along with Kuro Merino Wool socks and it was a sublime ride….. even though it was cold and raining heavily.

2018 Target(s)

Ok, so we have the bike ready and your clothing sorted, now we need to get you out on the bike.

For a few riders, it’ll be easy to get back out and start spinning the legs again but for others, it may be a little harder. So, what you need is some motivation.

Personally, I find target setting very helpful, it gives me something to aim for otherwise I’ll very quickly find myself slacking off or getting distracted. There are many targets you can set yourself, think about what you want to achieve and how to get there. Alternatively, Strava Challenges are a great way of target setting and challenging yourself along the way!

One of your targets should definatley be to ride abroad. Somewhere like Switzerland, Gran Canaria or Mallorca. Just book somewhere and take your bike with you!

If you’re interested, we’ll be out in Mallorca late Feb early March if you wanted to join ;-) More on that later.

Anyway, stop reading and get the miles in!

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