Today is the day of the Ninja, a day dedicated to remembering and honouring these ancient warriors of Japan. As you may have seen, we recently launched a new ‘ninja’-like range called Kuro, so, what better day to talk about it than on the day of the Ninja?

Ninja – An acient Japanese warrior of the highest skill level – Clad in Black, appearing from the shadows and disappearing again without a trace

Here at stolen goat, we love our colours bright and our designs bold but we wanted to create a range that was subtle and stealthy but at the same time – made an impact. When we though of ‘stealth’, two things sprung to mind – the aircraft and Ninja’s. Black being the common factor here. So the brief was this – a subtle, stealthy, Black/ Monochrome, lowkey clothing collection. Something that the stolen goat branding wasn’t about so… a new brand name was in order…. something that suited the stealthy vibe we were after.

….. Stealthy like a Ninja // Ninja’s wore Black and originated from Japan // Black translated from Japanese to English is …… Kuro….. a fitting name for our new collection?






JERSEYS // short sleeve // long sleeve // mens & Womens //


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wet weather wear // jackets // jerseys

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accessories // arm warmers // bandidos // hats // merino socks

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