Castelli Gabba vs stolen goat Orkaan

Ok, so, we frequently get asked how our Orkaan jersey compares with the Castelli Gabba so we thought we’d give you the low-down and let you decide for yourself.

The Castelli Gabba, first to the scene, took the market by storm, it was the first water-resistant cycling jersey that actually resisted a decent amount of water while lighter in weight than a jacket. Priced at £155, it’s not the cheapest of cycling jerseys. Its made from Gore® Windstopper® X-Lite Plus fabric which is manufactured using several different layers to give the jersey it’s windproofing, breathability and water resistance properties. The water resistance comes from a treatment which is applied on top of the material’s outer layer which needs retreating periodically. How often? Depends on how and how frequently its used and washed.

The Gabba 3 is Castelli’s current and 3rd version of the Gabba and its latest ‘main’ update being to the storm flap. The storm flap is designed to fold down behind you, to protect from wheel spray. The updated tail now includes silicone grippers which helps keep the tail in place and stop it from riding up, a common fault with its predecessors.

Overall, a very nice jersey, it does what it says on the tin. The Castelli Gabba’s ideal temperature range is 10°C – 18°C (Autumn/ Spring). Available in 6 colours – a nice minimalist look and finishing touches like Ykk zippers make for a reliable open/close system and 3 large pockets with laser cut drain holes at the rear allow you to carry anything you’d need.

We like the Castelli Gabba, a great jersey indeed!

Now for our Orkaan…….

Like the Castelli Gabba, our Orkaan jersey is just that…… a jersey! Lightweight, wind and water-resistant. The perfect go-to garment when the weather is variable. Our jersey can be used in temperatures ranging from 5°C to 20°C and if used in conjunction with a base layer, temperatures even lower. Unlike the Castelli Gabba our Orkaan jersey is available in short or long sleeve, both great for different reasons. And we have arm warmers made from the same material for full coverage when you need it.

Our Orkaan jersey, made by Bioracer, is manufactured from their own material called Tempest. The tempest material is synthetic and water resistance comes from a treatment which is applied during the weave of the material. Which in essence means it’s manufactured into the middle of the material, making it more durable than a treatment which is applied after and on top of the material. This means the water-resistance lasts longer – at least 52 washes.

The Orkaan jerseys are designed with breath-ability in mind, and many of our customers who have made the switch say that was the main reason – they found the Castelli Gabba made them overheat once they got moving. The Gabba is likely to keep the wind off you a bit more, but as a result is less breathable.

The Orkaan range is comprised of many different designs, some with low-key styling and some well…… have the SG touch to them ;-). Like the Castelli Gabba our jersey has 3 large rear pockets but unlike the Castelli Gabba ours has a 4th waterproof zip pocket. Perfect for protecting your valuables. As well as this, our pockets have Pixel 100 reflective technology which means they become super reflective when met with headlights, combined with bright colours you have a jersey which is both safe and stylish.


While researching about the Gabba we couldn’t find much about the consistency of the material, so we cannot comment on it, but our Orkaan jersey is thin, soft, lightweight and has 4-way stretch. This means the material perfectly moulds to match the contours of your body, giving you a tight but non-restrictive fit. Very aerodynamic and It also means the jersey stays in place and there’s no need for silicone grippers or a storm flap. The Orkaan is lined with a ‘soft on the skin’ Roubaix inside lining which helps regulate temperature with or without a base layer.

Finished off with YKK zippers, only the best. Great functioning, reliable zippers are something you probably wouldn’t think about unless they didn’t work. These are superb, zip up and down smoothly and lock into place when pressed down. Ideal if you need to open up and keep the zipper in place, it won’t ride down. Our jersey also has a neck garage, a little flap of material which covers the zip from rubbing against your skin. Yes, we’ve thought of it all ;-)

Priced from £95-129, costs less than the Gabba and even paired with our Orkaan arm warmers – still, costs less than the Gabba.

Water-resistant cycling jerseys are a must for any cyclist. Getting wet and caught out in a shower is a thing of the past with these jerseys, literally ride any weather!

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