This year we stopped making the traditional long sleeve thermal cycling jersey. In our opinion, as garment technology has evolved the thermal jersey has almost become redundant. In our view, a great piece of kit should offer maximum versatility to offer genuine value for money.

And herein lies the issue with a standard thermal jersey. They are often roubaix lined which feels great but offer no protection against the wind or rain, they also often don’t fit particularly close to the skin which makes them awkward to wear underneath a jacket.

This means you can’t really wear them as a mid layer and fundamentally, the time when you can wear them as an outer layer is somewhat limited – you need cool but stable temperatures and guaranteed dry conditions. Good luck with that!


So this year we have 2 long sleeve jersey products in our range. The Orkaan Long Sleeve Jersey and the Bodyline Long Sleeve Jersey. It’s the Bodyline LS Jersey that I’ll be focusing on here. The Orkaan is an awesome piece of kit that is highly versatile, it will keep you warm and dry even when showers pass over, and I’d go so far as to say it’s a genuine 3 season product. The Bodyline LS however, is arguably our most versatile piece of kit to date, and I’m not sure if there’s anything on the market that’s quite as well suited to 4 season riding…

For Spring & Autumn //

The Bodyline LS cycling jersey is great in Autumn and spring. It’s often a dry time of year and can also be really quite mild on occasion. In these seasons, when it’s not quite warm enough for short sleeve riding, the long sleeves feel like a real luxury, especially as they feature the same raw cut finish as our Bodyline SS Jersey (seriously, you need to try this to believe how good it feels). Still a very breathable garment, this jersey won’t suffocate you when you get going, and if it’s a cooler ride – simply pair with a base-layer or even a gilet for maximum comfort.

For Winter //

As temperatures plummet the Bodyline LS cycling jersey is not going to work for you as an outer layer, it’s far too breathable. However, try it as a mid-layer, ideally underneath a high quality winter cycling jacket, and you’ll quickly discover the real benefits of those sleeves. They fit so wonderfully close to your skin that you never experience that uncomfortable feeling of sleeves rucking up underneath other sleeves. Crucially, the breathable nature of the jersey means that you won’t overheat even with multiple layers. As an added bonus, you get all those extra pockets for stashing snacks and valuables underneath your outer layer ;-)


For Summer //

This use case may not be for everyone, certainly in the UK we are notorious for being somewhat unsafe in the Sun. The jersey is protected against UV and so if it is super hot and you’re planning a longer ride then this jersey will keep the Sun off your skin and yet still allow your body to breath due to the fast wicking, summer weight nature of the product. We even have some white versions in the Kuro range for enhanced temperature regulation in full sun.

For The Whole Year Round //

However you choose to use the Bodyline LS jersey, with a multitude of designs to choose from you’re guaranteed to stand out from the crowd!