Summer is now here and the weather’s great! We’ve had the hottest June day in over 40 years, let’s just hope the weather keeps. Time to treat yourself to a Summer cycling jersey.

Summer is arguably the best time of year to cycle. The weather – motivating, the desire to stay outdoors – greater, the days – lighter for longer and the tan lines can be topped up while adventuring on the bike…. so what’s not to like!? Like every other sport, cycling has seasonal clothing. This is important to understand because get it wrong and it could lead to huge performance losses and ultimately, it could make your ride unpleasant when it doesn’t need to be.

Here’s our beginner’s guide to Summer cycling jerseys

Summer cycling jerseys are simple but oh so complicated at the same time. There are many jerseys to choose from, all doing similar things but how they achieve those things can be different. So where do you start?

summer cycling jersey

Jersey Materials

Yes, you could just wear a plain old Cotton tee on your bike but if you’ve ever ridden in one, in Summer, you will know Cotton holds onto sweat. The best Summer cycling jerseys are ones that can wick moisture and sweat the quickest. This is very important because on hot days you can exude large amounts of sweat and if your jersey can’t wick-quickly, you could end up feeling hot and clammy or even, sudden chill if the temperature drops and the wind picks up….. not good! It’s important to feel good when riding, it can be the difference between enjoying the ride or not.

Our aim here at SG is to provide you with the best kit to inspire your next adventure.

What is wicking?

‘Wicking’ is the action of drawing moisture/sweat away from the skin, through the material and out to a larger area, for a quicker evaporation rate. Man-made synthetic fabrics are most commonly used for Summer cycling jerseys but natural materials such as Wool are also a good choice. Both good at wicking.

Synthetic fabrics have their pros and cons and it also depends on how much you spend on the jersey (to a degree). Premium jerseys use a better quality material blend. Also, premium jerseys usually have a better fit and other features that will benefit you on your ride.

Pros of Synthetic

  • Lightweight (even when wet),
  • Extremely Breathable,
  • Quick Wicking,
  • Machine Washable (easier to wash than Merino Wool),
  • Quick Drying,
  • Cheaper to buy than Merino Wool,
  • Absorbs less than Merino Wool,
  • Durable,
  • Resistant to shrinking

Cons of Synthetic

  • Not as warm as Merino Wool,
  • starts to smell after a couple of uses whereas Merino Wool takes longer.

Wool is a great fabric for cycling until it absorbs a certain level of moisture then it begins to sag and becomes heavy. Polyester (synthetic) barely absorbs any but if it did, it would hold it’s shape better. One great benefit of Wool is that the Fat molecules in sweat can’t cling onto natural fibres as well as they do man-made materials which basically means it takes longer to start smelling.

summer cycling jersey

Jersey Fit

Jersey fit is key! Again, yes you could wear your casual Cotton tee but that would flap around in the wind, so why? Road cycling jerseys work better when they are tight fitting, as if it’s a second skin. The reason for this is to reduce drag. If you’re on a road bike why would you wear loose fitting garments? It defeats the objective of a road bike which is to be fast and aero, you may as well be riding a FAT bike if you wear loose fitting stuff. The closer to the skin the better!

How can SG offer the best fit to everyone if there are so many different body shapes out there?

That’s easy and simple to answer, our kit is made by Bioracer in Belgium. Bioracer has spent many a year perfecting their jersey dimensions by working with Pro cyclists from around the world and plenty of research and development time. It also helps that we offer two different fits, Performance and Race fit.

Our Performance fit is for the everyday cycling hero. A fit which is tight but supports the body for all-day comfort and aerodynamic benefits. If you want to sneak in some cake halfway through your ride then be my guest, our jerseys are great at stretching!

However, If you’re the definition of a racing snake then we have a Race fit too. Tighter around the waist, chest and shoulder areas, when you’re tucked in the racing position – just speed!

Our jerseys are made from 4-way stretch fabrics. Without getting into too much detail a 4-way stretch fabric stretches up and down and side to side, you will find these fabrics on most high-end jerseys.  A low-end jersey will have 2-way stretch (stretches up and down or side to side depending on the knit) or no stretch at all.

4-way stretch is essential for the perfect fit, it means our jersey shapes and moulds to the contours of your body perfectly, thus giving a second-skin fit (close to skin). And because the jerseys are so stretchy they don’t feel restrictive.

“Sundown Jersey – Purchased a few weeks ago and wore it over the weekend for the first time…It’s the best jersey I’ve ever worn…the fit is perfect, the aero sleeves are awesome!”

“Just received my jersey and used it for the first time. The design and fit were superb! I am going to recommend your shop to all my mates.”

summer cycling jersey

Other features to look out for

Sun Protection – Another forethought when choosing a Summer cycling jersey is to find one that offers Sun protection. When out on the bike your back is exposed to direct Sun rays, which can be harmful if not protected. Probably your last thought when getting ready to ride is putting sun cream on your back isn’t it? Get a jersey with sun protection! All of our Hot weather cycling jerseys have UV protection.

Full-Length Zipper – Keeping the body dry and cool is the biggest factor when choosing a summer cycling jersey, make sure your jersey has a full-length zipper. If you get too hot, a full-length zipper gives you the option of opening up completely, allowing air in faster! All of our jerseys have full-length zippers and it’s not just any old zipper, it’s a YKK zipper, the best in the business! YKK zippers have a locking system which locks in place and doesn’t continue to ride down. Perfect when you want your jersey zipped a certain amount – it won’t unzip accidentally.

Pockets – Storage is a necessity, especially in the hot weather. Plenty of hydration, food, energy products, money, plus the usual spare tube and tyre lever. 3 pockets is suitable but our jerseys have 4. There are 3 big pockets and a 4th water-resistant zip pocket – perfect for valuables!

So now you know what to look for in a Summer cycling jersey why not shop our Summer jersey collection now!