The Stolen Goat cycling bib-shorts are highly regarded as some of the best in the business. Quite simply, they are made by the best in the industry (Bioracer), here’s 8 reasons why we love our shorts so much…

  1. The Bodyline ONE bib shorts have just one seam. It runs under the chamois so you never feel it. Most bib-shorts on the market are built in 5-6 pieces and stitched together. Ours are just one piece of fabric!
  2. The Bodyline ONE bib shorts have a “ColdBlack” treatment. This means they deflect the heat from the sun despite being black, making them highly comfortable even in hot sun.
  3. They have a slightly compressive feel.The 4 way stretch fabric adapts to your muscles and the movement of your body, ensuring you feel fresher for longer.
  4. With an Integrated Torso the fabric supports your whole body, not just your legs. That fact that it’s just one piece of fabric for the whole garment means that they also act as a base layer, wicking moisture away from your body and thus regulating your body temperature whether it’s hot or cold outside.
  5. All our cycling bib shorts (and tights) are built using a proprietary pad that is unique and rigorously tested. It features anti-bacterial dimple-layer technology that keeps you cool where needed and helps maintain your hygiene, thus reducing saddle sores and general discomfort.
  6. There’s nothing worse than silicone gripper on bib shorts, it pulls and tugs at your skin. The stolen goat cycle shorts use a wide elastic “power band” that stays put all day long with no fuss. It grips just the right amount, you won’t know it’s even there.
  7. We don’t believe in making short distance and long distance shorts. Instead we make shorts that are perfect for any distance and duration. Whether you’re doing a 30 minute blast or a 9 hour day long session, you’ll find our bib shorts super comfy.
  8. Cycling is a sport for men & women. Shorts are not a unisex thing so we have different cuts and fits for men and women. It costs us more but it suits you better, which makes us happy :-)



A few comments from recent customers who purchased shorts…

Bib shorts are really comfortable. The leg grippers don’t rip my legs apart but the shorts stay in place. I was dubious about bib shorts until I got these. Now converted.

The Orkan bib shorts are excellent as are the One bib shorts. I have work the orkan shorts over the winter allowing me to ride when I would have normally sat on the turbo indoors!

The shorts are the best I have ever worn. Very comfortable and function well in hot weather.

Best fitting jerseys and shorts I have ever bought. Really good quality but at an affordable price. Also love the Jersey designs.

I liked the designs and the cut of the jerseys but know I’ve bought the bib shorts as well I’m well impressed.