The Giro d’Italia is officially over and what an incredible event it’s been!

Remember, it’s still not too late to celebrate the Giro’s 100th edition, this event will be forever remembered so make sure you’re a part of it. There’s still some time to buy our tribute pieces, a must-have for any true fan of the sport and the event!

Our Giro 100 cycling jersey is one of a kind! Pink in colour of course…. this jersey is part of our limited edition collection, new for this year. Only 100 jerseys have been made, one for every edition of the Giro. Based on our Bodyline jersey, this tribute piece was created to be worn. Unlike, other replicas or tributes, normally intended for show, ours is a high-performance garment. The perfect mixture of style, performance and commemorative history all in one! If you haven’t already,  read about what makes our Bodyline jerseys so great, click here.

Giro d’Italia limited edition jersey design

There was only ever one colour destined for this jersey….. it had to be Pink! When out and about you may not notice the meaning of the jersey. It’s only when you’re up close that the jersey features give it away.

Left sleeve – The Italian flag wraps around the arm like a captain’s armband.

Right sleeve – The traditional ‘goats head’ logo and a red strip runs along the bottom.

Chest left side – The original stolen goat logo.

Inside collar – Small, faint goat prints.

Underneath the collar (rear) – The Italian flag flows through our Morse-code ‘goat’ stamp.

The rear of the jersey – A tribute to the riders of the early Giro when they carried spare tubes and tyres. Most riders carried them over the shoulders in an ‘X’ shape.

Centre rear pocket – Giro 100th-anniversary logo accompanied by our ‘goats head’ logo.

4th rear pocket – A zip, water resistant inside lining, perfect for keeping valuables safe, secure and protected.

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