Jonesie Diary – Life after time off – Training

The rest period has been and gone – I was itching to get back into my training routine, the busy juggle of home & work life, a hyper puppy that never tires – you name it I missed it.

Keeping expectations real

My first week back in England had a lovely welcome from my coach – FTP tests, threshold test – oh how I have missed the red line! What I may have lost in CV fitness I know I have gained in strength.

I am a stubborn goat but I have learnt to listen to my body (and my coach). My ramp back into training can’t be overdone else there would be high risk of injury & failure!

‘Keep your expectations real’ – this is so true. As the seasons pass for so many athletic people we tend to focus on ‘how fit we were this time last year’ or start comparing races that come each year…. my advice – don’t let your Ego take hold.

One week after my return from India (where I had zero running training) I had a race entry into one of the South Coasts most iconic XC run races – The Grizzly. This race is like the unicorn of xc races – it’s a ballot entry, it’s early March so all training is done during the bleak months, and the terrain is brutal. 4000ft of climbing, bogs, hills, you name it…. but I love it. I was lucky enough to get my entry for 2017 – and then soon realised it was so close to my Indian trip. Training was left on the back burner with the faint hope I would find some hills in India, well guess what……. I didn’t! My ego wanted to attempt the 20 miles of coastal paths…but I knew that my body would suffer and I just can’t afford to get injured or have a week of DOMs. I knew I could beat my time from the previous year if I was fit but I just had to accept my 6 weeks of no running would take its toll. I chose to run the shorter distance of 10 miles – called the Cub, still with 1500ft of climbing! ‘Don’t get injured’ was ringing through my ears on one section of a nearly horizontal muddy path. I finished with a smile on my face, injury free and with enough time to get a great viewing spot to watch my friends all finish the full Grizzly 20miler.


Too many of us try and take on races that we have done in previous years, with the similar or higher expectations, but perhaps we are not as fit, or the conditions are different. Your ego won’t help you when you are injured or laid upon a massage couch getting your legs hammered in a sports massage…

If you’ve had time off, injury, illness, a break, keep things real. Listen to your body and know your limits.

Let the games begin… first TT next week… time to build up the quads!!!!

Wish me luck!!