By now I hope you’ve seen our Limited Edition’s!? If not, where have you been hiding? Take a look at the collection now! – For men // For women. This year we are doing things a little differently from previous’ we have two jersey collections, a Core range and a Limited Edition Collectors range. Our Core Range is comprised of 4 different singular colours (Black, Blue, Orange and Red) and will be available to purchase right throughout the year. Designed to look subtle but still being a high-performance garment. Our Limited Edition range will be…… well,….. limited!

If you’ve tried to purchase a Limited Edition jersey recently, you may have seen that some sizes do not appear in the size drop-down box. See photo below

limited edition waves

The reason for sizes not appearing is because those particular sizes are currently out of stock! Crazy….. I know! We only launched our Limited Editions a month ago!

But not to worry!!

They’re not gone forever!…. Yet….. Our second wave of Limited Edition stock is on its way. We split the maximum limit up into small waves to manage cash flow a little.

We didn’t expect to sell out on the first wave so quickly (thank you for the support) and the stock we predicted to sell in three months has only taken one! Make sure you don’t miss out, there are limited numbers on each jersey and once they’re gone, they’re gone. Treat yourself and be one of the lucky few in the world to own them. With max jersey quantities as low as 100 you can be confident that not every other person in your club will be wearing the same.

Be Bold // Be Different // Be a GOAT not a sheep!


Limited Edition // Mens // Shop Now

limited edition waves

Limited Edition // Womens // Shop Now

limited edition waves

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