The Jonesie Diary # india edition

Greetings from across the waters: I’m currently sat on a beach in North Goa.

Most triathlete / athletes take a break from their training schedule post race season – for me this year my rest month was delayed by a few months to incorporate a 5 week trip to India to embark on a Yoga Teacher Training course.

During the dark grim months of November & December, my coach had me busting my quadzillas raising my FTP – by 12%. I’m uber chuffed might i add… but it was hard work. My alarm was set to 5:30 am most mornings – a feeling of utter dread mixed with excitement as I peeled myself from the warm covers – donned my cycling shoes for the forthcoming turbo session before work. It was quickly apparent that my neighbours weren’t so joyful of my achievements – and the new arrival of ‘The Silencer’ was put into action.

The 6am pitch black interval sessions were the hardest – I’m sure any runners out there will feel my pain – head torch bobbling about on my head, nearly being sick at the high heart rate intervals, but always having my coach in the back of my mind saying ‘if it was easy everyone would do it’. This kept me going strong.

It all pays off in the end….

All the hard work paid off and as the middle of January approached my rest period was greeted with open arms. Or so I thought…. Yes I’m (meant to be) resting from all things triathlon… but as for this Yoga Course – Holy Moses. I feel more fatigued than at the end of any Ironman. My brain aches from all the study and I miss riding my bike and wearing my Lycra!! I have stretched, bent, been tied in knots, near snapped my hamstrings!! –  “Yoga is meant to be good for you ” were my husbands closing words the other day…

All my hard work is beginning to slot into place though. While still struggling with the deeply spiritual side of yoga, I’ve learnt how to meditate. A useful tool in Transition I’m thinking?  There’s a book I’ve been given which is full of fantastic Asanas (yoga poses) suitable for us mere mortals who don Lycra on a regular occasion. I have embraced the Yogic lifestyle of meat & alcohol-free living (I am thinking my body fat maybe reducing). I would like to say I feel fantastic- but in actual fact, I feel pooped. Yoga in 40 degrees is hard going! Give me a marathon at midday any day of the week!! A 50-mile time trial without water – I would happily swap out for!! But I’m no quitter – I am a stubborn Goat – and I’m grabbing this course by the horns.

Improvisation is key

Triathlon training maybe on the back burner in this period of ‘rest’ but I have learnt pdq that I simply cannot ‘stop’. I have no training programme in my period of rest, no structure, just simply to ‘do a bit’ and maintain fitness. Cycling is out the question – if any of you have been to India you will know it’s just not an option. So that left me with running & swimming. 12 hour study days leaves little running time: probably not a bad thing as my knee caps have been bent into all sorts of positions! Swimming has been more successful with me making the 10m pool into an endless pool by tying my feet to the steps – this is NOT to be attempted by joe public – high risk of failure !! 5-litre water bottles make excellent weights too!

So you see, you can take the athlete away from the equipment but where there’s a will….. there’s a way!!!

Counting down the days until my 5* hotel & gym is my sanctuary…

My Mantras:

  • Rest is good for the body.
  • Strength comes in many forms – mental and physical.
  • Curry 3 times a day is too much.
  • I cannot sing for toffee.
  • My head stands kick ass.
  • Small mercys for the protein bars I packed.

Train safe fellow athletes. 🙏🏽

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