winter riding

Winter Blues

Winter riding – Short daylight hours, layers of kit, freezing extremities, poor riding conditions, all add up to the reality – I HATE WINTER! I find it a real struggle to get the outside bike miles in once the clocks have changed. I have a little chart:

winter riding

So as you can see, slim chance to none of finding me out on the open road December and January! My husband, the other half of #teamjones tries his hardest to get me out and as soon as there is a dry day. He’s on mission prep – Road Bike or Fat Bike.

Luckily my coach is a legend and knows me too well, so winter is all about turbo sessions, raising FTP, building my quadzillas with just a couple of rides a week braving the elements.

Kit – The Struggle is real

How much Stolen Goat kit can you physically put on whilst still in the house before total melt down begins….? I’ve just about got it mastered – ¾ length leg warmers + Bib Shorts + Thermal top and the rest goes on at point of bike mount!! Anyone else have to make at least one trip back indoors for something….? Maybe glasses? Water bottle? Bike pump? Who knows….? but I can NEVER leave the house for a bike ride just once!!!

New Kit Outing

Bio Racer Overshoes‘, Santa had delivered well to #teamjones this year.

Boxing day forecast was bright, dry and cold…. So a bike ride was on the cards. New kit deployed – over shoes. Hands and Feet are my nemesis – I’m a grumpy old goat when I’m cold, so have literally gone through every possible item of cycling kit to find the correct combination for my Jonesbones.

25 miles went by in a flash, riding through the welsh mountains, breathing in the crisp fresh air and absorbing the amazing countryside. I soon remembered, I love to ride. Freedom on the open road, legs turning the pedals and chasing my husband – playing the ‘train game’. Perhaps I did let him take the front just a tad longer than I should, but his FTP is higher them mine after all, hahaha.

Damp, dirty roads, puddles and spray – but still toastie toes Winner!!! One-half of #teamjones had thermal socks & another brand of zip-up overshoes….and the other had thermal socks + BioRacer Overshoes. Let’s be honest now, if your half way up a welsh mountain with freezing cold feet, you would cut your left arm off for warm feet…re-mortgage your house possibly? Just to instantly purchase those overshoes ‘you were about to buy’ but never got around to it. We have all bought cheap versions of something thinking ‘How much better can they actually be’ – well let me save you the leg work……

BUY THE BIORACER ONES! hahaha they get the job done. You can buy them here.

My hubby wears a large, he pulled on the overshoe first, then the shoe fitted over the end. No zips to struggle with…. Job done. They look pretty cool too!!

I shall be getting some in teeny tiny size this week!

Until the next instalment…ttfn!   


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