Keep up to date with the latest going ons in the cycling world with our top 10 Instagram accounts to follow for cyclists. Instagram is one of the best ways to see what’s happening in the cycling world as well as following the lives of your cycling idols.

As an adventure brand, we take a great deal of pleasure researching the different trends in sport. So, we’ve put together this post for you to see the top 10 Instagram accounts to follow for cyclists. We’ve gathered a mixture of accounts for different styles of cycling, these accounts cater to you for different purposes so make sure you give them all a follow.

1. stolen.goat

top 10 instagram accounts to follow for a cyclist

Join the herd!

Obviously, you need to follow us. Our Instagram account has been live for a year now and we have a great crowd following.

Now Rob has joined the team we have constant content updates on both our website and Instagram. Our blog is updated constantly with great content such as product reviews, best sellers, industry news, stolen goat news, ‘how to’ guides and tips and tricks.  Our Instagram account is updated daily with motivational cycling photos, digital prints, product photos, fellow goats, real goats, cycling industry news, stolen goat staff going-ons and much more!

Remember, we sometimes broadcast sneak peaks and discount codes on our Instagram story and the only way to see, is to follow us!

2. Pinkbike

top 10 instagram accounts to follow for cyclists

Pinkbike is a great hub for all things cycling! Mainly focusing on mountain biking, has a lot to offer any cyclist no matter what discipline in cycling. It’s a great website to keep returning to, with constant updates of industry news, product features, cycling videos, photos, ‘how too’ guides, forum chats and classified adverts.

The Pinkbike Instagram account features new-product snapshots, insane riding photos and videos that make you want to get out and ride. A definite must follow!

3. Petosagan

top 10 instagram accounts to follow for cyclists

Follow the rock and roll lifestyle of pro cyclist Peter Sagan. See what he gets up to in his day to day living. Everything from his training, race days and what he gets up to in his personal time. With a massive following, see what this pro rider gets up to – he’s an interesting follow.

4. Bandofclimbers

top 10 instagram accounts to follow for cyclists

Bandofclimbers is a British company which designs cycling related prints. Their Instagram account has over 600 posts of mad switchback roads from around the world and every so often features some of their products. Give them a follow, find a switchback and make sure you go ride it for yourself!

5. Stravacycling

top 10 instagram accounts to follow for a cyclist

Everyone knows about Strava and if you don’t, where have you been hiding? Strava is known worldwide with most cyclists having downloaded the app, their Instagram account boasts a wide variety of beautiful scenic backdrops ranging from American cities to monstrous mountain climbs, these photos make you crave getting out.

6. Fatcreations

top 10 instagram accounts to follow for a cyclist

Ex pro DH racer Alistair Mclean, set up fatcreations to create custom painted machines for the public. Downhill MTB’ers are renowned for their wacky designed kit and bikes, Alistair found a way in which he could mix business with pleasure so he created Fatcreations. On social media Fatcreations has rocketed and neither wonder why, the designs and paint finishes are stunning! Make sure you check it out!

7. Cyclingsouvenirs

top 10 instagram accounts to follow for a cyclist is a sister brand of stolen goat. It’s a company that sells cycling related gifts such as digital prints, models, mugs and clothing. If you’re a cycling fanatic then make sure you kit out your home with cycling souvenirs gear.

8. Jeredgruber

top 10 instagram accounts to follow for a cyclist

Jered Gruber is a fascinating character who has no official home as he’s always out on the road doing stuff. Part owner of gruberimages and author for many things cycling, his photos and stories are one of a kind. His Instagram account is full of cycle photos taken in the most beautiful parts of the world, so eye-catching it almost makes you want to quit your job and just go!

9. Kramon_velophoto

top 10 instagram accounts to follow for a cyclist

Kristof Ramon captures amazing photos of pro cycling. Each one of his photos captures a different story in time. Brilliantly composed photos showing the glitz and glam as well as the pain that comes with pro cycling.

10. Garrett_chow

top 10 instagram accounts to follow for a cyclist

Cool cat Garrett used to be the graphics wizard at specialized, he now works with MASH SF and his cool branding is changing the cycling industry massively. He leads in design, has some nice bikes and retro cars, what’s not to like….. Make sure you follow him to see his adventurous lifestyle.