The long sleeve cycling jersey comes in a few guises and these days there are a range of fabrics that can be leveraged to maximise the potential of the garment. This means that there is often a significant price gap between different types, so here’s what to look out for and ultimately how to choose the best long sleeve cycling jersey for you…

Thermal Long Sleeve Cycling Jersey

thermal long sleeve cycling jersey for women and men

The thermal long sleeve cycling jersey is designed to fit and feel like a regular cycling jersey but with a thicker, thermally regulated fabric. Our thermal jersey uses an “isolation fabric” – this special type of thread has a hollow core that helps to insulate from temperature fluctuations. Ideally this will keep you the right temperature as you progress through your ride but in case you start to overheat our LS thermal cycle jerseys have a mesh section under the arm. Bioracer manufacture our garments and they find that this is an area where heat potentially builds up in this type of jersey. So this addition ensures you don’t overheat.

If you still find yourself a little warm, a decent YKK zipper will help release the build up of heat.

A good quality long sleeve thermal jersey will have a soft “roubaix” lining on the inside, this will feel wonderfully soft against your skin and add a little extra warmth and luxury to your ride, lets face it – in colder weather a little luxury goes a long way!

Ours also feature an extra zipped pocket with a waterproof lining. Perfect for protecting your valuables against sudden downpours.

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Waterproof Long Sleeve Cycling Jersey

stolen goat waterproof long sleeve cycling jersey

The thermal long sleeve jersey is a great option especially if money is tight. It’s a decent upgrade to a standard summer jersey and you can wear it under a winter jacket when the cold weather really bites.

But it has one major drawback… it offers little protection for when the heavens open and the rain starts tumbling down. If you know it’s going to be dry or if it’s so cold you want to wear a LS jersey under your jacket then fair enough. But in changeable conditions a thermal jersey is not particularly useful.

Sure, you can throw on a rain jacket over the top. But you’ll find yourself pretty sweaty in a very short space of time as that extra ventilation in the jersey becomes sealed in by the boil in a bag jacket. That also means carrying a rain jacket in case it rains, not much fun. Furthermore – it means buying a rain jacket to cover you in this scenario. If budget is your priority – this makes little sense – you’re better off buying the most versatile garment you can.

Step up the Orkaan long sleeve cycling jersey…

This has all the benefits of the thermal jersey with an extra pocket, YKK zippers, soft roubaix lining and decent breath-ability. But it also brings to the table 2 killer features:

  1. The fabric is waterproof. And just like our waterproof cycle shorts this ability to repel water is manufactured into the garment, it isn’t a treatment that will wash out. This makes your jersey (and any Orkaan product) incredibly versatile and ultimately exceptional value for money.
  2. The rear pockets are super reflective – this gives you that extra level of safety whilst out on the roads. Let’s face it – riding in dank conditions on murky roads isn’t always bags of fun, but know you have a little extra protection can feel surprisingly comforting.

At £120 these jerseys are clearly pricier than their thermal cousins but if you consider the value you’ll get from the additional features then it starts to make good sense. Personally, I’ve stopped wearing thermal jerseys in favour of the Orkaan jerseys – the versatility is just too good.

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Bodyline Long Sleeve Jerseys

bodyline long sleeve cycling jersey

Here on stolen goat we have also introduced the Bodyline long sleeve jersey. This is a much closer fit than the thermal LS jerseys and in some ways is more versatile. One of the key things that people love about our Bodyline summer jerseys is the way the sleeves fit and feel. Made from a special Lycra blend – they shape around your arm just-so. The long sleeve version uses the same sleeves but the garment is not thick like the thermal jerseys – it is the same weight as our summer jerseys. This makes it ideal for early autumn & late spring riding on it’s own. When it’s not quite warm enough for just a summer jersey – this will feel so good. Also, if you’re riding in super hot sun then having your arms covered with a thin fabric rather than thick arm warmers can keep you that little bit safer on all day escapades.

When temperatures drop below 5 degrees, this jersey will feel beautiful under one of our climb & conquer winter jackets. It will feel better than a standard thermal jersey as the fit is that little bit closer, allows your skin to breathe that little bit more and in general feels like pure luxury!

Alternatives to the long sleeve cycling jersey

Of course, there are many ways to skin a cat. If long sleeves are not for you then you can get a very similar effect by adding arm warmers to your collection. These will extend the life of your wardrobe in many ways, particularly as you cross the boundary from winter to spring and summer to autumn. Combine our Orkaan arm warmers with our short sleeve Orkaan jersey and you have a combination that is arguably far more versatile than the long sleeve Orkaan jersey.

Some folks step straight from a summer jersey to a full-on winter jacket. Personally I find this a little too warm for anything other than what it’s intended – riding in the coldest of cold winter! But then, our winter jackets are very good, which is another story altogether!