Looking to buy a reflective waterproof cycling jersey? You’ll find yourself surprisingly limited, choice wise if you want both in one jersey. Luckily we sell the best performing cycle clothing on the planet and we do indeed make a number of reflective, waterproof cycling jerseys!

stolen-goat-orkaan-ls-review-by-cycling-weeklyThe market offering for waterproof cycling jerseys (or rain jerseys as they are sometimes called) is growing rapidly, which can only be a good thing. More choice helps keep the price keen and clothing brands need to raise their game in terms of construction and fabric selection. For us, we outsource those issues to Bioracer who specialise in this very thing – making the best performing cycle clothing on the market. So for us, it’s simply a matter of leveraging their skills and expertise.

As a result our Orkaan weatherproof cycling range performs just as well, if not better, than the market leaders (see: “Out Gabba’s The Castelli Gabba” by road.cc – a  9/10 review for our first reflective waterproof cycling jersey). Not only this but we have utilised Bioracer’s Pixel 100 fabric technology to create what we call “ninja reflectivity” on the back pockets. As you’ll see in the above picture, the back pockets look relatively standard until a light is shone on them, at which point they become super reflective.

Adding this reflective material (to our Orkaan Everyday Jerseys and Climb & Conquer winter cycling jackets) means that when the light is a little murky you’ll have that extra level of protection working for you whenever a car approaches with their lights on.

Reflective… & waterproof cycling jersey

OK so the Orkaan Everyday range is reflective, but just how waterproof is it? Well it’s a fair question. We can’t call them waterproof because the seams and zippers are not sealed. But the fabric beads water off it like no man’s business and in short… it’ll keep you dry in all but the harshest of storms. Which is an incredible feat considering that the garment is also breathable.

The best bit for me is that the rain protection is manufactured into the garment rather than being a treatment applied to the fabric. This means it will not wash out and will continue to be awesome ride after ride.

You can see the beading in action in a video we made, featuring some kids and a power hose vs one very compliant cyclist (to be fair he got to keep the kit at the end so he was happy)…

The video was good fun to make and despite knowing how well the kit performs in the rain, we hadn’t tested it under power hose conditions previously haha. It was a real joy to watch it stand up to the challenge all day long, take after take (these film makers are a fussy old bunch).

If you’re looking for a cycling jersey that is both reflective and waterproof…

I would obviously recommend our Orkaan range. Not just the jerseys, the wet weather bib shorts (also in the video), 3/4 length tights, arm and leg warmers. If you want to stay dry, comfortable, safe and fast on the bike, come rain or shine (who doesn’t) then the Orkaan range is where it’s at until temperatures drop below 7 degrees. After which the Climb & Conquer range is ideal.