Cycling in the rain comes down to clothing and attitude, simple as that. Riding a bike in the rain can of course be a touch sketchy at times but if you take it easy, wear the right clothing and keep a smile on you face then it can actually be crazy fun…

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As you’ll see in this fun little video we made, we’re not cycling in the rain as such. It was a dry day and we wanted to test the clothing out as much as possible. As Amer (the willing cyclist) will attest – being pummelled by two kids full of sweets with a power hose is definitely a worthy test. Add in some water balloons for good measure and well… you get the point.

The video was made to highlight the features of our Orkaan wet weather range and whilst we don’t advise riding in these exact conditions hopefully you’ll see that staying dry is as simple as wearing the right clothing. The way the water beads off is particularly pleasing to watch in my opinion. And the best bit about that is that the protection against water is manufactured into the garment, meaning it wont wash out… ever.

The Orkaan wet weather capsule includes bib shorts & tights as well as the long and short sleeve jerseys and of course accessories. As I wrote previously, waterproof cycle shorts are a real revelation. Combine them with one of the jerseys and you have an extremely powerful combination that will get you through any weather conditions ranging from 6 – 16 degrees.

We chose to offer both short and long sleeve versions of the Orkaan jerseys as a matter of preference, there is also the RaceTech version for those of you looking to smash PBs in any weather. Ape2Gentlemen wrote a great review of the Orkaan Race Tech jersey, shorts and also climb & conquer jacket. Whichever fit you go for we know the Orkaan range will change your view of cycling in the rain entirely.

Whereas I used to dread those rain drops hitting my skin, I now couldn’t care less what the weather is doing. I put on the same outfit and set off. You needn’t be a fair weather cyclist, getting out and enjoying the outdoor playground is about taking the rough with the smooth, but with the right clothing and a decent sense of humour it can be way more fun than boring old dry weather!