28th July – Singletracks.com – Bodyline Jersey

“This may be the best fitting jersey I own”

Have you seen the review/ video that SingleTracks did about our Bodyline Jersey? It’s a great review and an even better video….. at one point Colton (reviewer) gets caught out in a thunderstorm, do you reckon he should have tested our Orkaan jersey instead? See the review for yourself here.

It’s great to see our Bodyline jersey been used off the tarmac and in the mud.  We wanted to share this review with you to create a greater awareness that our clothing isn’t just intended for the road, it can be worn by you MTB’ers too.

From the moment Colton laid eyes on our jersey, he could tell how high-quality the jersey was, so much so he says he wore the jersey for four hours around the office out of sheer pride before taking it off. That’s commitment!

In his review, he talks about how the sleeves are longer than normal, how they are laser cut and how they fit tight but don’t feel compressive. He was very impressed by these combinations especially the laser cut seamless sleeves which to him had a “superior” feel. Then after, he then drops this bold statement….. “This may be the best fitting jersey I own”.

We are delighted with this review and if you havent got yourself one of our Bodyline jerseys then what are you waiting for?