13th October ’15 – road.ccIbex bib-shorts – 4.5 out of 5 – “Hard to fault. Good quality materials, decent pad and all of the stitching is neat and tidy”

“Excellent summer-weight bib shorts with added water-resistance, ideal for damp but warm autumn days”

Back in October 2015, road.cc reviewer Jez Ash wrote a review about our Ibex bib-shorts. He got on really well with the shorts saying they were “hard to fault” and that he was most impressed by the good quality materials used.

He explained how we take the key elements of summer-weight bib-shorts (dialled fit, comfortable pad) and throw in a whole new card – water resistance.

Jez was asked, how do the shorts perform overall when used for it’s designed purpose?
He replied – ” very well,kept me comfortable on long rides, and keep light showers or road-spray out.”

Rate the product for value –
“£115 is serious money for bib shorts – they’re the most expensive that Stolen Goat makes and £3 more than its winter bib tights. You’re buying real quality, though; the comfort is on a par with the best, and the added bonus of water resistance is a real surprise on summer-weight bibs.”

“They’ve got great fit + a comfortable pad”
“I was comfortable for rides of several hours in these bibs (and this is by no means a given for me in some bibs).”

What did Jez dislike about our Ibex shorts?
“Nothing, really. If I’m being really picky, I think radio pockets on anything short of pro-level team kit are a bit lame.”
We appreciate what Jez thinks about our little pocket but it does come in handy if you’re on the turbo trainer and you need somewhere for you ipod or if you not carrying any storage on the bike then our little pocket is extra handy for that spare innertube you need.

“They’re not cheap, but they’re an unusual proposition – summer-weight bibs with water-resistant coating. They’re also really comfy and well made, so they’re hard to fault. I’m really impressed – hence the score.”

Overall rating: 9/10

Read the full review here. If you don’t own one of these fantastic shorts, then what are you waiting for? Click here to view the range.

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