1st July 2016 – Outdoor Fitness Magazine – Bodyline Jersey

“feels like a much more expensive jersey than it’s price tag suggests”

A few months ago Outdoor Fitness Mag compared our Bodyline Pro Black jersey against 6 others and we scored the highest out of all reviewed. They scored us a 9 out of a possible 10 but what let us down was the fact that the reviewer wasn’t able to fit his phone in our 4th waterproof pocket.

Toutdoor-fitness-mag-reviewhe only phone that we haven’t been able to fit in has been the ‘plus’ from the Apple Iphone range. A standard Iphone fits fine, I can vouch for
that as I have a 6s. If your phone won’t fit then there are several options open to you: a waterproof case or a zipped plastic wallet that can carry your phone and cash inside. Placed inside one of our normal pockets this will give you waterproof protection. But if you are riding in poor conditions then this jersey probably isn’t right for you. Our Orkaan Everyday would be better suited because it’s water resistant. Click here to view the Orkaan Everday range.

Back to the review, the reviewer loved our slightly longer, laser cut sleeves. He said it deserved a mention because the jersey material hugged the arms and shoulders for a “flawless fit”. He also liked that our jersey side panels are made from a stretchy material similar to the main
panels, so it moves comfortably with the body, no matter if you’re in the
tops or the drops.

And Lastly, he picked up on the fact that the jersey is very quick drying and breathable – “wicks sweat away from the skin and provided UV protection for sunny days”.

All in all another great review! We are happy with our 9 out of 10 score, but why don’t you try for yourself?!

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