Waterproof cycle shorts are a genuine reality now, and they’re here to stay. Our brand new Orkaan Bibshorts and tights never cease to amaze me every time I wear them. Sure, they are slightly more costly than our regular cycling shorts but in terms of value they pack a real punch. Here’s a few things I love about these shorts & tights…

1. Waterproof yes, breathable… yes!

I’ve said it before, garment technology has come an awfully long way. Our partnership with Bioracer allows us to leverage this to the nth degree. Waterproof fabric for sports is a very tricky beast to get right. When we go fast (and we sure do go fast), we work hard. There’s nothing worse than the boil-in-a-bag effect of traditional waterproof fabrics.

It’s a fine balance between allowing the body to breathe and stopping water penetrating. Ideally the perfect waterproof cycle shorts will also wick away sweat from the body. This is key as it means you won’t get freezing cold as soon as you stop, and you won’t overheat whilst you are putting the hammer down (love that phrase).

2. Three season cycle clothing

Personally, I don’t mind paying a little more for products if I get significantly more use out of them. This is where our Orkaan waterproof cycle shorts really come into their own. If the weather outside is boiling hot and consistently dry then these aren’t the shorts for you, (as an aside: in that case go for our Bodyline ONE bibshorts with coldblack technoloogy and UV protection).

But in any other weather – especially changeable conditions where the temperature fluctuates and it’s raining every now and then (or constantly) the Orkaan Bibshorts are absolutely ideal.

Pair them with the Orkaan Legwarmers and you have an astounding combination that can be used most of the year round! Now that’s value.

3. Go anywhere, ride anything

What amazes me about these shorts and tights is that they look just like regular cycle shorts and tights. In fact you would never know that they had the ability to repel water until you actually see them in action and watch water bead off the surface. This means you are free to just dress how you want and get out there and ride without looking like some kind of overly protected aero geek. Subtle, stylish and with hidden secret powers.

Bonus reason – Unaffected by washing!

stolen goat waterproof cycle shorts and clothing

Now here’s the thing. There are a few “waterproof fabrics” out there. But mostly they have a coating or treatment applied to them. This is actually extremely effective – there are some very impressive chemicals out there these days. This is fine and dandy until you wash it a few times, and we all know that cycle clothing (especially shorts) need a fair amount of washing!

The tempest fabric that Bioracer to make these garments has manufactured in water proofing. It’s important to note that most of the garments we sell that leverage this technology – including jerseys, shorts, tights and accessories can’t be called waterproof as the seams (and any zippers) are not sealed. But you won’t get wet, and not sealing the garments mean your body can breathe that little bit more.

Wash after wash, after wash… our waterproof cycle shorts and the whole of our Orkaan Weatherproof Range will remain just as effective as on day one. If it doesn’t, get in touch.


Garment technology has come a long way and cycling is the perfect sport to leverage this evolution. Waterproof cycle shorts are here to stay and rightly so. You needn’t use them only when it’s raining, ours feel great whatever the weather. Just know that if it rains… you’ll be grinning from ear to ear ;-)