Meet our new goat!

Rob is old news as we give a warm welcome to our new goat today. He’s stolen-goat-new-goatquite a character as we’ve already been sent this CCTV snapshot of our new goat being mischievous on his lunch break. That didn’t take long!

He’s probably the best looking out of the bunch and he’s quite the poser as he rarely moves. He could well have been a model in his previous life but we don’t know much about him. We believe he may be a White Irish goat but unsure. He doesn’t speak much English so we don’t even know his name…… this is where you guys come in.

Help us name our new goat!

Email us, message us on facebook, twitter or instagram and we will announce the best name! We’ve had a few ideas already – Eugene, Cornelius, Darnell, Wiggoat (very possibly influence by Wiggins) and lastly Goatendish (possibly influenced by Cavendish).

Be as creative as you like! Because you will be seeing a lot of our new goat, he will be very busy and will  be popping-up everywhere!

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