The cycle clothing we sell is the best. There, I’ve said it. And I’m not talking “probably the best” or any PC term like that. I’m literally saying, pound for pound, if you’re after the best performing cycle clothing on the open market, it’s right here.

That’s a pretty bold claim. It’s also incredibly boastful, which really isn’t in my personality makeup. So how can I say this without fear of retribution, and how can I back in up? It’s quite easy really…

The performance cycle clothing we sell isn’t manufactured by us. It’s manufactured by Bioracer. But before we get into that, here’s a little back story on how we got to this stage…


stolen goat was founded in 2012 with a mission to work smarter and bring a little more adventure to people’s lives. We actually started as a pure retailer, selling products made by other brands. Clothing was always the best performing category on the website. We regularly introduced a few stolen goat branded items here and there and they seemed to sell the best. In fact, when I set the website live in 2012, our first sale came in just 20 minutes, and it was a stolen goat branded t-shirt.

It became clear that this was the way forward. And as a retailer I was frustrated with the options available in the performance market. Items were either overpriced, lacking in quality or didn’t speak to me design wise.

Re-Inventing The Wheel

So we set about designing, from scratch, as any clothing brand does – the ideal pattern and fabric for a range of cycle clothing that performed well, looked great, fitted just-so and looked so damn good that you just had to ride in it.

A few months later and we were ready to find a factory. We narrowed it down to two, and the next thing I knew I was in Belgium walking around the Bioracer factory and talking business, life and cycling with the COO of the company.

They liked our vision and business model. And, upon inspection, it became very clear to me that they are putting in serious research and development into pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in sports apparel. They had already spent literally decades refining the fit and form of the garments. The fabric they have access to are, in my opinion, above and beyond anything that any other company is able to leverage successfully. And they aren’t slowing up anytime soon.

So, after a few coffee’s and much cake we agreed that stolen goat would focus on what we do best – using technology to deliver beautiful design to the masses – and Bioracer would carry on doing what they do best – producing perfectly fitting garments that out perform anything on the market. We had a business model and process that worked. There simply wasn’t a need to re-invent the wheel. Bioracer have the perfect wheel.

Weighing it Up

The downside to this arrangement I guess is that we don’t hold the rights to the patterns (the cut & stitching). It also means it’s not particularly easy to make adjustments to the physical nature of the products. That said, they have the perfect wheel :-) and it isn’t impossible.

The good side’s to this are as follows:

  • We get instant access to their research and development. For a brand our size (and age) this is immense. It means any product we offer will fit just-so and the fabrics will be of the highest quality. In real terms, this means our Orkaan range (for example) can be a credible Castelli Gabba alternative from day 1!
  • Agility. I’m from a engineering background. We worked in an agile way there and that continues here. By leveraging Bioracer we can create a complete range without fear of overstocking. Most new brands have to put all their eggs into a single product or two and pray it sells fast enough to stay in the game.
  • Pricing. This agile structure means we don’t need a hefty distribution model. We can buy in respectable quantities and sell worldwide… high quality cycle clothing that is priced fairly. Whilst we’ll never have access to supremely low cost garments, the trade off is worthwhile, and it means we can focus on inspiring and empowering your ride, whatever your needs.
  • Reviews. We get reviews done regularly, because it’s a testament to the base product. The reviews are always great because Bioracer have perfected the fit and feel and fabric selection. They deserve the credit for those reviews. They have the perfect wheel. We can focus on inspiring the ride, knowing that the product will always perform, whoever is wearing it.

The business heads amongst you might be thinking – what’s to stop someone else doing this. The answer is not much, but here’s the thing – cycle clothing brands are popping up left, right and centre – it’s an incredible time for the sport and I’m loving watching the rise in popularity as mini niches are being carved out. We’re not a cycle clothing brand, we’re a design and technology company with a mission to inspire and empower more adventure. That’s our quest and what we live and strive for. If other’s want to join the party then all the better. More on that in a few weeks ;-)

If you were to visit stolen goat HQ – you wouldn’t find pattern cutters fettling with seam placement, you’d find a lean technology driven team looking to find new ways of inspiring others to Adventure More. The clothing we offer is simply an extension of that.

So what makes Bioracer the best cycle clothing manufacturer?

Finally, we can get to the crux of that statement. What gives me the right to make this statement? Well here it is, Bioracer specialise in making people go faster through cycle clothing. When I say specialise, I mean these people are obsessed, they live and breathe this, ever single day. But it’s not enough to say that, let’s look at some facts…

  • Bioracer create competitive clothing for pro athletes. In fact, if you sum up their medal count, taking into consideration all the World Champion wins and Olympic medals they have helped attain through clothing… that number would be well over 500. Yep, 500!
  • In fact, at the Rio Olympics 2016 athletes wearing their speed suits amassed 12 medals – 4 x gold, 4 x silver, 4 x bronze – at London 2012, they also won 12 medals – so this isn’t a new thing. They perform in the short and long term.

No other cycle clothing manufacturer can say these things. None. In the World. And if you think we’re the only brand outsourcing their skills think again. It is after all, a sport of marginal gains.

So this is why I can proudly say that the cycle clothing we sell is the best…. and the best part is I don’t have to worry about maintaining that level of excellence. Bioracer are already on the case.

What does this mean for you?

Simply, if you like our designs – if they inspire you to ride, then make that your basis for deciding whether or not to push the button. Fit, form, function has already been outsourced to the best in the business. Let someone else worry about it, we’re too busy riding our bikes! Thanks for listening.



picture credit: Kristof Ramon