Adventure cycling is defined in different ways but the gist is cycling over a long distance, taking in different areas and often camping overnight. The real beauty of adventure cycling is that it is a low cost way of getting some serious adventures into your life. Just you and the open road…

As such this pastime is quickly rising in popularity in recent years. Bicycle touring has of course been happening for decades. But the modern day office worker is becoming burnt out and seeking a way to escape the grind, even if it’s just for a long weekend.

Many office workers are currently planning their next adventure ride – where will they go, where will they sleep, what will they eat and of course, what will they wear? Let’s answer the first question on your lips…


The real answer to this is of course that you can have an awesome adventure on just about any bike. I’m pretty sure I could get fairly far with a BMX and a credit card! It may not be as fast or efficient as some bikes but it would be a lot of fun! And that’s the essence of Adventure Cycling really, getting out there and discovering the World, either on your own or as a group.

However, if you want to get serious and the N + 1 urge to add to your collection is nagging you, then there are plenty of handsome steeds out there very well suited to this style of riding.

Ideally, you’ll want something relatively light that can carry all your gear and handle a multitude of terrains. The recent trend for gravel bikes is well suited to this in my opinion… lightweight “go anywhere” type bikes capable of putting some speed down. Choose one with eyelets for adding panniers and mud guards, and good clearance for large tyres.

Choose one that you feel comfortable maintaining on your own in the middle of nowhere. Keep it mechanical folks – Di2 isn’t required here :-)


This truly is something for you to answer. It’s your personal adventure. Some like to keep it local, others jump on a train or even plane. It all comes down to how long you’ve got to play with and how adventurous you are :-)

Personally I think it’s best to use your imagination here but there are plenty of Adventure Cycling Tour operators out there. The Great Victorian Bike Ride over in Australia sees thousands of cyclists take on a nine-day bike ride (fully supported). The advantages of a supported ride include being well looked after with issues like camping and washing and eating taken care for you. It also means you don’t have to carry all your stuff… meaning a faster bike hehe.



It’s a good question. Ideally, especially if carrying all your own stuff, you’ll want as few clothes as possible. This means that the clothes you wear need to cope with the following:

  • Temperature fluctuations
  • Quick drying
  • Rain (it’s gonna happen, even on those summer rides)

Whatever you choose should be comfortable for long sessions in the saddle and ideally not slow you down too much. We believe our Orkaan Everyday Range is absolutely ideal for adventure cycling, here’s why…

  • The fabric used for the cycling jerseys and shorts is waterproof and yet breathable. This means you can ride in cold / cool / warm and even hot (to an extent) weather. You’re covered if it rains or doesn’t.
  • It’s one garment instead of 3 separate pieces. The Orkaan short sleeve jersey for example is equivalent to buying (and carrying) a standard jersey, gilet, rain jacket and base layer. That’s lightweight flexibility!
  • The fast wicking fabric will stop you overheating and more importantly will dry extremely fast if it does rain.
  • The shorts and tights feature a proprietary pad that is antibacterial and extremely comfortable over long distances
  • The jerseys and tights feature super reflective panels that will give you that extra level of safety in early morning starts and evening finishes.

Whilst we also sell a race tech version, the Everyday fit will be more suited to a relaxed all day adventure. In short we think this is without a doubt the ultimate kit for Adventure Cycling!