A week without the boss, everyone’s dream!?

The boss is away hooray?

For the past week, owner of stolen goat Tim has been away on holiday (much deserved) and left us to fend for ourselves. Everyone thought, great, come in, laze around, go out for rides, get away with the bare minimum and go home. Oh we were so wrong…..

When the owner or the manager of a business announces he/she will be going on holiday, I’m sure the first thing that springs to mind is ‘what can we get away with’ or not as the case maybe. Everyone begins to plan what they’re going to be doing, slacken off, come in late, long lunch breaks, no work done, finish early etc…  We had plenty of ideas!

Which made us excited!

So, D-day came and Tim left us to it. We were sad at first, not because he was going but because he didn’t invite us! Thanks Tim!…..

We soon forgot all about it and carried on doing what we do. Firstly we changed the music playlist – Tim loves a bit of classical…… it gives us headaches, so it got axed and had Ministry of sound chillout sessions on. This was going to be a great week!

Things were going well. As it was Friday and the weather wasn’t terribly good, we wanted to get everyone hyped up ready for riding over the weekend. Rob and our amazing designer Trevor, created a blog post #funfriday In which they comically posted photos of celebs wearing stolen goat t-shirts. If you haven’t seen it already I would recommend it, it’s quite good. Click here to see

We were on top form! Actually working and having a blast at the same time! Strange, I know!

Midday came. At midday on  a Friday we all tend to go out for a group ride and true to form that is what we did. The weather was miserable, it wasn’t sure whether to rain or shine but we were happy knowing the work day was over. We were riding, going to have a week without the boss, it was the weekend and we had a pint in our hands. It couldn’t get any better than that. Oh, Tim, thank you for the Friday ride company policy, the beers (paid for on the company card) and for the Orkaan clothing range keeping us dry!

After a great Friday and good weekend, we were ready to have a relaxed week.

What could possibly go wrong…….

As you probably guessed the week just didn’t stolen-goat-intergalactic-jerseyquite go to plan. We were extremely busy Monday and Tuesday. Had many orders placed and
back log of orders to sort out from over the weekend. A massive thank you everyone who ordered kit, we hope you love it! Remember to wear it proud and tag #stolengoat in your photos.

Wednesday and Thursday was hectic too –  paper work after paper work, having to explain to new goat Rob that we don’t get paid in usual pounds stirling – we get paid in pounds hay, fruit and veg (all a goat needs isn’t it? That didnt go down well), working hard on website updates, future blog posts, website pages/software, in-house photoshoots, social media updates (I hope you’re following us!) and a few phone calls asking if we wanted to change our gas and electricity providers (please stop). All in all so much to do and not enough time to do it!

While we are hard at work ‘Mr stolen goat’ is relaxing and tanning on the beach.

Please hurry back Tim!