Introducing stolen goat’s latest recruit

We welcomed a new goat to the herd this week and he goes by the name of Rob Simpson.

He’s young, creative, thinks outside the box and will be handling the content on our website and social media pages.
We might even let him loose with his camera for product photo shoots… Who knows.

He’s like a real-life wild goat, interesting/ creative, curious and maybe naughty??? We’re yet to find that out….. But he’s perfect for us because we can leave him to do his own thing and know it’s taking us in the right direction.

Rob comes from a sales and marketing background and we hope he’s going use his creative flare to help take stolen goat to the next level. So watch this space!

Our new goat has his ‘hoof’ in everything creative and arty. From Photography to sketching, you name it, he does it.

When he’s not at work, he’s at home ‘trying’ to look after his newborn son, Jacob. Getting much sleep are we Rob?? At least he has his partner Nicole who keeps everything on track at home, it’s a mum thing….

As well as road cycling, Rob is a keen sportsgoat. He used to row for his school and was pretty good at it too, winning races across the UK! A rowing goat….now that would be a funny sight! When and if he gets spare time Rob plays in a men’s Sunday league football team or is out thrashing through the woods on his mountain bike.
Yes, that’s right! SG has a mountain biker among them…. Do I see a stolen goat MTB specific clothing range coming???

Interesting Fact

Rob maybe young, however, his persona is a little ‘retro’.

– He collects classic Peugeot racing bikes (has 4 of them so far)
– He has a passion for classic cars. Currently, drives a VW Mk1 Golf and has a classic Porsche fund…..if anyone wants to contribute????
– He has a vintage shirt collection….. Is that even a thing?
– When his digital camera has run out of battery, he’s quick to get his film camera out. Not too fond of developing the photos, though.
– Loves the sound of older music compared to some of the modern noise on the radio today.

Now that we have Rob, we hope to be producing more consistent and better quality content for you guys!
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