It’s Friday!

Here at stolen goat we take our Friday’s very seriously!


All of the SG herd are preparing to venture off into the wild, for their weekly Friday ride. The weather isn’t too good here, it’s not sure whether to rain or shine. So we’ve all got our Orkaan kit on, ready for any situation!

Afterwards, I think the plan is to relax, ‘hooves’ up and graze on some good food; Maybe have a nice cold beer …. or two ….. or three….. It’s a hard life!

Remember! When you’re out this weekend make sure to tag us (#stolengoat) in your goat kit, we’d love to see our fellow goats and what kit you’re wearing. Whether it be your cycling gear or your ‘goat-tees‘ make sure you tag us!

We’ve already had a few goats tag us, check them out!

#funfriday #stolengoat

Have a good weekend!


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