Today I’m very pleased to announce that stolen goat has picked up cycling souvenirs.

Late last year we were approached by owner Jerry Greatorex. Jerry is a great chap and started cycling souvenirs with the vision of bringing cycling inspired gifts and souvenirs from around the World to the UK.

The business grew nicely for him, but juggling a full time job, 2 children and customer service for cycling souvenirs became too much for him. I see this a lot in e-commerce. Indeed it almost happened to me. There is a tipping point where the “side business” gets too big to be manageable part time, but isn’t generating enough revenue to warrant jacking in the well paid 9-5 job.

At this juncture you either take the plunge or walk away. With a mortgage to pay and family to feed, taking the plunge is no mean feat.

So Jerry and I discussed options and we both got to work and now stolen goat is the proud owner of cycling souvenirs.

We’ve completely re-built the website from the ground up, created a fresh logo and added some new images and products. I think the end result is fantastic and, as always, we have big ambitions and vision for this platform.

Cycling Inspired Gifts

When we picked it up, Cycling Souvenirs had some lovely products, for example the collection of cycling cups & mugs, KM road markers, miniature cyclist models and so on. We’re keeping those going as they are joyful products.

But we realised that across the web there are a plethora of cycling inspired gifts and souvenirs. Sometimes you may be searching for the perfect cycling gift and trawling all these websites is a pain in the backside. So we’ve taken care of it for you…

Alongside the products we stock, sits cycling gifts from around the web that, for whatever reason, we can’t stock. For example, these lovely cycling books and magazines make great cycling gifts. But frankly, amazon owns this space so stocking books isn’t in our interest. But they still make perfect gifts for cyclists so we want to show you them.

Each product on the site can be added to a wishlist that you can share with your friends and family. So whether we stock the product or not, you can create a list for you or your loved ones to buy from. It’s a win-win for everyone. As far as I know there’s no other website that gives you this functionality. We’re pretty excited about it.

And it doesn’t stop there. We’ll be adding more products over the coming weeks and we have a few other projects up our sleeve. So be sure to take a look at cycling souvenirs, and join the email list. Whether you’re in the market for a cycling gift or not it’s a fantastic place to spend some time.

20% Off To Celebrate Our Birthday

As we mentioned in our previous post, it’s our 3rd Birthday this week! So you can save 20% on anything on stolen goat, and / or these products on cycling souvenirs. Just use the code ‘ happy ‘ on either platform before 11:59pm July 26th 2015 and 20% will come right off your cart.

Enjoy :-)