Sometimes we like to break from the norm a little. Running stolen goat – I’m not too sure what the norm is exactly but regardless – every now and then we like to create something a little different.

Watching the Tour de France, and of course riding ourselves, it’s quite apparent that cycling is synonymous with pain. Sure, we call it “endurance”, but that boils down to learning how to endure, how to bury ourselves, how to turn ourselves inside out for the glory and pride that follows.

I think it’s why events like Paris Roubaix are so popular – “epic” describes these kind of races perfectly. Long, hard, gruelling, dangerous, you name it – it’s in there.

Nobody enjoys suffering and yet as cyclists we seek out the hills knowing full well we will struggle to accomplish the challenge. You tell your friends and family that you rode 100 miles and they look at you like you’re from a different planet. Perhaps you are, or perhaps you are some kind of creature from below.

Regardless, we take comfort from the fact that hills are not infinite, they have an end. As do centuries and other battles of endurance. So, as Winston Churchill correctly stated…

If you’re going though hell, keep going.

Limited Edition Cycling Jersey

Inspired by all these elements we have created a Limited Edition cycling jersey. Just 100 have been made.

Again, in a break from the norm we have used our American partners Retro to manufacture this one-of-a-kind jersey. That means it’s a more relaxed fit than our standard jersey. There is a size guide on the product page but essentially, you can just select you t-shirt size for the right fit. Go up or down depending on the fit you want and we have catered for chest sizes all the way up to 49 inches.


As well as the bespoke design, each jersey has the following technical features…

  • Premium odour resistant fabric
  • 4 way stretch material
  • hidden, full length YKK zippers
  • 3 roomy rear pockets
  • “True Fit” – designed to fit your typical t-shirt size.

Currently on pre-order, to be released on 4th August, these are expected to move pretty quick so grab one and be 1 of the 100…