The Alpine Ibex, also known as the steinbock or bouquetin, is a species of wild goat that lives in the mountains of the European Alps. Notorious for it’s super strength and ability to climb like, well… a mountain goat!

The Ibex range in a nutshell, is for riders looking for speed and comfort through perfectly fitting aerodynamic, lightweight clothing.

What this isn’t… Clothing for “on and off the bike”. Negatory… this is for riding fast, albeit in comfort.

The Jerseys

The Ibex jerseys have a different cut to a regular jersey. The gap between the shoulders is narrower than usual, making for a more comfortable fit whilst in the drops and zero excess material around the shoulders and chest.

The sleeves feature our same aero, laser cut finish that everyone raves about on the Bodyline Jerseys.

The stitching is flatlock for aero speed and added comfort.

The jersey is light, oh so light. And we’ve created the torso with a decent amount of give in it to allow for different body shapes. In short – you don’t have to be an all out racing snake to wear it.

The Bib Shorts

The Ibex shorts are, quite honestly, a thing of real beauty. Extremely light with a UV 50 protected fabric that features “Aquaracer”.

Aquaracer is an all new garment technology that has some incredible characteristics…

  1. It is slightly resistant to air and water. This means it slips through the air very easily and also, since it repels water to an extent it stays dry – and therefore lightweight – all day long.
  2. It is light. In fact it is 40% lighter than traditional bib short lycra. You may not think this feels like much until you actually pick them up and more importantly wear them. We are cyclists… lighter is always better. I’ve put these through their paces for 100+ miles and they are an absolute joy.

Comfort is top priority with all our shorts. These are no different. They have a slightly lighter pad than the Bodyline shorts, but only slightly. The stitching is flatlock and the material is incredibly supportive and slightly compressive.

Oh and they feature a “radio pocket” on the back. ‘Cos that’s how pro you are. In reality I have used it for my massive smartphone very successfully indeed – this free’s up another pocket on the jersey :-)

Pre-Order Now

The kit will be here shortly. In the meantime it is open for pre-order. You can use the code ” SS15 ” at the cart to get 15% off until the stock becomes available. Jobs a good ‘un…