Depending on how long you’ve been a fan of stolen goat you may or may not remember these beautiful pure merino wool jerseys.

They are the result of one man’s sheer determination to manufacture a classically styled merino wool jersey right here in the UK. He succeeded, quite beautifully.

The jersey is an absolute masterpiece. Manufactured in the UK using pure 320 gram merino wool and a 12 gauge knit that gives it that luxury feel whether you’re on the bike or off it.

The only issue for Alpe Deux was that they cost so flipping much to manufacture! This is why most brands don’t go this route so these are a very rare commodity.

And now, we at stolen goat have been given exclusive access to the remainder of the stock. It’s quite exciting for us. This is the last ever run of the product so once they are gone, they are gone…

The First 100 Purchasers Get £30 Off!!!

That’s right if you are one of the first 100 people to buy one of these beautiful jerseys you can get £30 off!

Simply use the code ‘ merino100 ‘ at the cart to get £30 off straight away. The code will expire once it is used 100 times so it’s a case of first come first serve.

The jersey is available in Navy or Black, you can see them both here