When the temperature creeps up into the double digits but it’s still rainy and windy (today is a perfect example of this for me) it’s tough to choose the right outfit for your ride.

Or at least, it was tough. Until now.

The days of needing a thick heavy jacket and/or carrying around a rain jacket sweat box are well and truly done and dusted. My riding has never been so comfortable in the Winter months.

The Orkaan ss jersey was designed for this exact scenario. Not freezing cold, but windy and rainy. The fabric is waterproof and wind proof and yet breathable and soft to the touch on the inside.

Orkaan Water proof cycling jersey by stolen goat

This is no spray-on treatment that fades with washing. The textile has undergone a treatment during the weaving process in which special threads are woven in that create a physical barrier from water.

Because it is woven in, rather than a coating applied on top, these features are permanent, even after repeated use and washing.

This is how we obtain a material that is water-repellent, breathable, quick-drying and comfortable, that can be washed again and again without worry. Cutting edge technology, and an acceptable price point.

Combine the jersey with some Orkaan arm warmers, a skull cap, and perhaps even some bib tights and you have a super fast, comfortable and supremely flexible outfit that will keep you warm, dry, and at the perfect temperature. The reflective panels even help keep you safe in the low light conditions present this time of year.

Due to it’s breathable the Orkaan jerseys can be used in spring, and even “summer” on typical British summer days when it’s actually hacking with rain every now and then. Water will simply fly off you.

Be the envy of the pack and immensely smug with the Orkaan collection.

If it’s really cold outside then the Climb & Conquer Winter Jackets will keep you warm and dry whilst maintaining your prefect temperature.